TransPhone is a poor man’s Padfone

TransPhone is a poor man's Padfone

Just when I ranted why we don’t see more Padfone-like products, TransPhone appeared. Like Asus’ baby, it too is a combo device, with tablet “part” acting as a shell for the phone. However, it’s rather a mediocre smartphone with specs that won’t impress anyone.

The phone itself comes with a 3.5-inch screen, single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity, 5-megapixel rear camera, VGA front-facing one, GPS, Bluetooth and a memory card slot. The tablet shell has a 7-inch screen and a battery of its own (like the Padfone).

Price wise, the TransPhone along with TransPad could be yours for $429.99, which is everything but a deal — as you can buy such phone and tablet separately and still save few bucks.

There are also other options: you can get an additional TransPad for $140, or an additional TransPhone for $379. Family Pack is also available, packing 2 TransPhones and 2 TransPads + 1 extra Charger, for $999.

TransPhone is a poor man's Padfone

We can’t really suggest anyone to get the TransPhone. If you do like the concept but don’t want to pay a premium, perhaps you should wait for the price cut of the original Padfone which will undoubtedly follow the Padfone 2 announcement.

[Via: Tablet-News]

  • Anonymous

    TransPhone is now $299 (1/3 the price of PadFone) and beats more expensive smartphones on user experience. My top of the line Blackberry is on the shelf because PadPhone does so much more (at half the price) and others have put their iPhones aside for the same reason. TransPhone says it holds the USA patents (from 2002) for this kind of device,  

  • theronster

    can’t wait to get mine.  why should we have to pay through the nose, as long as the user experience is the same, surely that’s what matters!!

  •  Want one for this price.  Its a third of the price of the PadFone – and the OS is equivalent to 52% of all Android devices out there.

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