Esoterism unveils fancy aluminum bumper for iPhone 5

Esoterism unveils fancy aluminum bumper for iPhone 5

Esoterism continues to support Apple smartphones with its fancy aluminum bumpers. Their latest case, Embrace-5, is made to sing along the hot new iPhone 5 and just like previous cases, it too sports tool-less knob design that “merits a mechanic watch’s classic aesthetic.”

Here’s how Esoterism describes its baby:

The Embrace-5 is in every way shape and form a premium product that deserves your affection, stimulating inner emotions while preserving vintage elements of a great mechanical experience.

Kinda too bombastic description, when you think about. However, we do like the Embrace cases and if you dig them too, you’ll want to know that the Embrace-5 will be available in October starting at $89.

  • honkj

    i think Apple just put case designers out of business with the iPhone 5,   have you seen the scratch tests and drop tests?   amazing…   the only way i’d buy a case now is if it protected from water to 60 feet…

    if Apple were smart….  ok… well if they were smarter,  they would have made it water proof,  i can’t believe they didn’t,  can you imagine the selling points,  and the funny commercials,  and the funny “drop tests” with that….  and the patents they could get….    geez…   why they don’t think of these things.

    ok make it an extra millimeter if it were waterproof…  do you really think the millimeter or the waterproof would sell more phones….  come on  Apple.

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