Brain-Controlled Headphones Change Music Based on Mood

Neurowear is bringing us one step closer to the convergence with its mind reading headphones that were debuted at SXSW last week. The company that is the brainchild behind the Necomimi Brain-Controlled Cat Ears now applies its magical brain reading tech to the audio world.

The newest project, named Mico, is a set of mind-controlled headphones which utilizes the forehead sensor and earlobe clip from the Necomimi and attached them to a set of white headphones. The headset communicates with a smartphone via bluetooth.

After you’ve strapped Mico to your skull, users have the ability to select music with a smartphone app. The app “neuro-tags” 100 songs, meaning that it goes through tracks on your smartphone and tags them with the appropriate mood so that the unit can tell what tracks to play. If the users mood changes, the smartphone must be picked up and shaken in order to change tracks.

The device is nowhere near a big release, with only two known units currently in existence. So keep your cat-ears open, folks. These mind-reading headphones may just change the way we interact with our music listening experiences. Now if they could just slap some mind-controlled cat ears on the Mico. That’d be the bees knees.

[Via: Laptop Mag]

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