As more iOS 7 design details leak, it’s clear Jony Ive let nothing go unnoticed

It’s no secret that with Apple’s legendary designer Jony Ive now reigning as the head of software design for iOS, changes were coming in iOS 7. Indeed, we already know that the entire UI of the OS is getting an overhaul to ditch the skeuomorphic elements in favor of a uniform, flat design. Now we have even more details thanks to a big scoop from 9to5Mac.

Apparently not only is Ive going for a flatter look in iOS 7, but he’s also stripping away much of the color instead opting for more of a black and white theme across apps. The sources say it’s “black, white, and flat all over.” It sounds boring when worded like that but perhaps it’ll translate into simple, yet great design — something Apple has been known for.

The report says, for example, that the shiny, transparent bars on the Lock screen are a thing of the past in iOS 7. Instead, they’ve been flattened and the gloss has been removed. Notification Center finally ditches the linen background while Game Center no longer tries to look like a virtual casino.

Even the basic apps like Mail have gotten redesigned to fit the “black, white, and flat all over” style. The biggest transformations are said to have taken place in the App Store, Newsstand, Game Center, Safari, Camera, and Weather apps.¬†Although the report says certain apps also take a specific color to stand out a bit. For instance, Messages might have green buttons and Mail could have blue. That part is still somewhat unclear.

iOS 7 is due to get its big unveiling at the WWDC 2013 keynote on June 10th and should release in the fall.

[via 9to5Mac]

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