Google Now update cards for car rentals, tickets, and public transit

Google Now just keeps getting better every update. Today the Voice/Search assistant is rolling out an update that brings a slew of brand new “cards,” including car rentals, concert tickets, commute sharing and NCAA football scores. All these things will automatically show up once a user launches Google Now.

In addition to the new card features, Android users can also expect improvements to public transit cards as they will now show times for the last bus or train to help get you back to your crib (place of rest). The general search card also received a bit of an update as it’ll now be smarter than ever. Folks can now set reminders for when they search for media content, just think setting a reminder to watch a TV show that you searched for — Google Now is capable of this with the new update.

Wait, there’s more. The TV card is also updated to bring users an improved experience that includes music playing, news, and current programming information.

This update is more proof to how Google Now is trying to be head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to Voice/Search assistants. It’s hard to argue against the search giant being the leader of the pack in this kind of tech.

Of course this update will take some time to trickle out to all the Android devices capable of using the new features. Google is working hard to make the experience a great one for Android owners, which shows how committed the king of search is to knowing what we want before we know what we want.

[via Android Central]

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