Keep It Creepy For Halloween With These iPhone And Galaxy Cases

Halloween is next week, and while you’re finalizing your party plans, you might want to add a little horror pop to your phone. In the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve, we dug through quite a few horror-inspired cases for iPhone and Galaxy users! We admittedly had way too much fun finding these cases, so enjoy the long list!

Note: A vast majority of these cases are for iPhones, with just a sprinkle of Galaxy in there.

Keep its simple and to the point with this Jack O’ Lantern iPhone case [Buy]

Who doesn’t love bats hanging from a string? Yeah, we’re not sure we get it either, but it’s a pretty cool case! [Buy]

You’ve probably seen it before, but now you can communicate to the dead and your friends with this iPhone case! [Buy]

Fan of American Horror Story will dig this case, even if it’s a season late. [Buy]

Go time travel with Frank so Halloween comes sooner with this Donnie Darko case. Cellar Door. [Buy]

You Scream, we Scream, we call scream for this Ghostface case! [Buy]

If you get this reference without hitting this link, you’re my new favorite person. [Buy]

Why have one horror icon on your phone when you can have them all? Just remember to burn, stab, decapitate, and drop it into the bottom of a lake before you go to bed. [Buy]

You’ll be raising more than an eyebrow with this Evil Dead Necronomicon case. The lesson here is to never read latin you don’t know out loud. [Buy]


If the Necronomicon isn’t your style, give yourself an undead hand with this Evil Dead case. [Buy]

What’s more puzzling (and hilarious) than having Saw’s iconic Jigsaw character on the back of your phone? The video below. That’s what. [Buy]

Back to the classics. As long as you don’t drop this case in Crystal Lake, you should be fine. [Buy]

There are a ton of these cases around, and these are just some of our favorites. Check out RedBubble to find out even more great cases!

  • Truffol

    Do people really get holiday phone cases? After all you only use them for a day in the entire year…and by next year you are probably using a different phone already!

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