Uber to make $210M on over $1B of rides in 2013, says leaked report

Google Ventures invests $250 million in mobile taxi hailing service Uber

Uber, the popular on demand car service, is on track to record $210 million in revenue for 2013 on over $1 billion in rides, while also adding close to 80,000 new clients a week and growing its active clients to over 450,000, according to Gawker. This news comes after the taxi hailing service brought in $250 million in funding this past quarter. These leaked numbers are huge because they supposedly trounce the projected numbers that most financial institutions expected from the company.

If these numbers are to be real, it would prove what CEO Travis Kalanick had previously said about the company’s growth. Kalanick said Uber was growing more than 20 percent per month and that many cities are generating more than $100 million a year, which sort of lines up with what these leaks suggest.

If you follow the company’s dashboard, revenue seems to be over $20 million a week which puts annual numbers above a billion ($1.1 billion to be exact). What’s impressive about Uber’s system is drivers can make some serious bank a year. CEO Travis Kalanick said “Every fully utilized car on the Uber system grosses over $100,000/year.”

Sky’s the limit for Uber as the earning potential could be endless. Can you imagine how much more dollars this company can make once they hit more towns and cities? Crazy. At this point the only thing stopping this company is those who lobby against it for stricter regulations, an issue Uber continues to have with major metropolitan areas.

[VentureBeat; via Gawker]

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