UFO Dad – Burger Blasting Platformer for Playstation Mobile and Vita

If you’re a fan of puzzle games and old school platformers, Edit Mode might have the game for you. UFO Dad is a light-hearted new game for the PS Vita and PS Mobile compatible Android devices. It puts you in the shoes of the titular Dad in a battle to save the world from an alien invasion!

UFO Dad is just a mustachioed balding gentleman with a growing paunch and a penchant for grilling burgers in his back yard. The unlikely hero and his family are brought into the fight when UFOs show up outside his back yard. The only thing to be done is to jump into the fray and begin matching delicious burgers to clear the space of UFOs.

The gameplay mashes up platforming with bejeweled-style matching. Match 3 burger blocks and you’ll clear them. Unlike Bejeweled and its many clones, UFO Dad jumps around on the blocks and has to platform to them to get them together. This adds a great element of strategy.

UFO Dad is available now for Playstation Mobile on select phones and tablets, and the PS Vita handheld. For more information the game’s press release follows below:

Independent Developer Edit Mode Launches
Match-Three Platformer UFO Dad on PlayStation®Mobile

Vancouver – December 17, 2013 – Although the hot weather of summer is a distant memory, it’s time for grill masters to light up some charcoal and get cooking as independent developer Edit Mode today brings its match-three platformer UFO Dad to PlayStation®Mobile for the PlayStation®Vita system and PlayStation certified devices. UFO Dad, which is one of the first PS Mobile games to feature PlayStation Network scoreboard integration for competing against friends, is the debut title for Edit Mode and is available for $3.99, making anytime barbeque time.

Set in the backdrop of suburbia’s picket fences and trimmed lawns, UFO Dad is a mix of match-three and platforming that has players take control of a suburban dad suffering from male pattern baldness with a grilling prowess second to none. His homemade “wonder spatula” has attracted attention from hungry aliens that have come to abduct the suburban hero and steal his technology AND his burgers.

“As an independent studio we’re fortunate to have freedom to design and create games we want to play,” said Kevin Oke, founder of Edit Mode. “With UFO Dad, we combined our love of match-three and platforming to give players a unique game that provides stiff challenges while competing against friends on leaderboards. We spent serious time conceptualizing UFO Dad, and we’re really excited with the way the game turned out and look forward to seeing people’s reactions to our first title.”

UFO Dad is simple to play, but difficult to master. As the UFO’s tractor beam is constantly trying to suck the player and everything else on-screen up into it, grill masters must avoid being kidnapped, crushed, and exploded while matching burgers of the same color for points and going for a high score. The more burgers in a match, the more points earned. Burger flippers must be careful as the playfield constantly moves up faster and faster as the tractor beam intensifies.

Assets, including a trailer and screenshots, are available for press here and review codes are available upon request.

About Edit Mode
Edit Mode is an independent game studio based in Vancouver, Canada with collaborators from around the globe. Founded in 2013, Edit Mode is devoted to developing fun and original projects that celebrate the medium of video games. The company’s first title UFO Dad is out now.

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