Nokia’s Android Phone Leaks Again With Tweaked UI In Tow

The world isn’t in short supply of Nokia Android phone rumors, and we’ve even seen a leak of the handset once or twice before. What we haven’t seen, until today, is what the expected custom user interface will look like. Mr. @evleaks today provided the shot you see above with three new shots of said UI.

The UI screens show the dialpad, lockscreen with notifications, and the Skype application. Some elements of the UI are reminiscent of the Nokia Asha, where others are clearly Windows Phone influenced. The result is a bit muddy in our opinion, but it’s not completely awful, either.


We still don’t know if we’ll ever actually see the handset hit store shelves of any sort. Even if we do, the low-end handset won’t have people lining the streets to nab one. If we were to see a Nokia-made handset running Android with Lumia 1520 specs, it might be a different story.

We’re still some months away before Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition goes through, where we might see the Android handset thrown into the abyss of bad ideas.

[Via: @evleaks]


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