Ubuntu phones coming from multiple vendors!

Ubuntu phones coming from multiple vendors!

Even though we patiently waited for some Ubuntu news coming from Las Vegas, nothing has happened thus far. We still have two days ahead but somehow we doubt we’ll hear more about this subject this month.

That, however, doesn’t mean Ubuntu is dead. Quite the contrary, Canonical is working round the clock to make as many OEMs interested in its platform as possible. In fact, the latest bit of information we’ve got suggests that Ubuntu phones are coming from not one but multiple vendors.

The company’s community manager Jono Bacon confirmed this in a monthly Q&A Hangouts session:

I’m confident that in 2014 you’re going to see a number of Ubuntu Phones hitting the market. I can’t tell you [who it will be] right now but I can tell you that awesome things are happening.

We’re not sure whether Meizu is on that list [of participating vendors] and can only hope that will be the case. Moreover, we hope some even better known brands will support the platform that has the biggest potential to re-imagine the way we think about mobile computing. And yet again, we’re hoping to get some additional details at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Stay tuned…

[Via: PhoneArena]

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