Here’s how the updated Samsung S Voice app will look like

updated Samsung S Voice app

Good ol’ SamMobile keeps showing us how upcoming Samsung apps will look like. After S Health, we now have the opportunity to see the updated S Voice app, which too may debut with the Galaxy S5.

Again, the next version of S Voice rocks a flatter user interface that’s in line with Google’s KitKat design recommendations. Although we like how it looks, we are unsure more users will flock to S Voice rather than Google Now… though you never know. Perhaps Sammy adds some cool features Google Now still doesn’t support. Perhaps not.

In any case, we’re guessing S Voice will be easily accessible from the Galaxy S5 and any other phone released later this year. Meanwhile, you can check out more S Voice photos from this page at SamMobile’s website. Feel free to share your comments (how you like the new look and feel of S Voice) in the form below…

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