FreedomPop Launches $5 a Month Plan, Adds Samsung Galaxy S II to Lineup

You probably haven’t heard much about FreedomPop, but chances are you’re about to hear a whole lot more about the company. The pre-paid wireless provider is offering a plan which gives customers unlimited calling and texting for just $4.58 per month. The company is now also offering the Samsung Galaxy S2 for just $169.

FreedomPop uses Sprint’s network to provide its service, with the possibility of expanding to another carrier in 2014. The company keeps its prices low by routing calls and texts through WiFi, utilizing VOIP to place and receive calls when not connected to Sprint’s network.

While FreedomPop is currently limited to only a few devices, the company hopes to add support for Apple’s iPhone and other Android devices by the end of the year.

Press release follows below.


New paid plans will be available on all FreedomPop phones including the Samsung Galaxy II available for shipping today

LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 10, 2014 – FreedomPop, America’s first free mobile service company, today announced its new paid mobile phone pricing plans for unlimited voice and text. The new plans are aimed at destroying the current industry pricing model and start at $4.58 per month, making a year’s worth of service equal to less than a month of most large carriers. FreedomPop will continue to offer its free phone plan as well, which includes 200 voice minutes, 500 texts and 500 MBs of data 100 percent free.

“With these new pricing plans we are declaring war on an industry that has for too long taken advantage of consumers and only widened the digital divide,” said Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop CEO. “We not only offer 12 months of comparable service for the price of 1 month, but all the billing complexity that frustrates users is gone. There is no need for an annual contract when the total annual cost is under $100.”

The company also announced that since it launched its free phone service in October 2013 it has experienced significant demand, signing up nearly half a million users to its beta invite list. To meet this demand, the company recently announced a “bring your own device plan” and is continuing to add additional devices to its portfolio, giving customers access to the latest smartphones. Today, FreedomPop added its highest quality smartphone to date, the Samsung Galaxy II at an introductory price of just $169 and plans to offer new LTE phones later this year.

“We’re working hard to add high quality devices to meet the growing demand from new users. The Samsung Galaxy II is our most advanced device to date and we plan to add even more high-end options in the weeks to come,” added Stokols.
To sign up for the FreedomPop Phone service now, go to

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