How To Watch HTC’s ‘All New’ HTC One (M8) Unveiling

Finally. the day has come! HTC is all set to unveil its 2014 smartphone, the ‘All New’ HTC One M8! We’ve seen about all there is to see about the device in a series of leaks even Mario himself couldn’t plug, but hard and official details pertaining to the M8 are still elusive. HTC will answer all of our questions today, and might even prove a few of the rumors false.

HTC’s press event kicks off at 3pm GMT in London, and 11am in New York. For us on the west coast, that’s 8am PDT. HTC will be streaming the event live on its website, which can be found here.

So hit the link, strap on some headphones and pretend like you’re working because HTC is about to unveil one hell of an Android device. Stick with us as the event concludes, we’ll have all the newfound news worth posting relating to the event then.

via: HTC

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