BlackBerry Assistant to come include as part of OS 10.3

BlackBerry Assistant

If Microsoft, Google and Apple can have their virtual assistants, so can BlackBerry. The Canadian company is doing just that and will include this feature into its upcoming BlackBerry OS 10.3, which will ship preinstalled with the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic.

Just like Cortana, Google Now and Siri – the BlackBerry Assistant will too rely on voice to deliver the goods, allowing folks to accomplish many tasks without typing a single word on their fancy keyboards (as long as they don’t use the Z-series devices). For instance, BlackBerry users will be able to launch apps, send messages, update status on social networks, tweak settings and setup reminders. What’s more, some of the actions will perform right in the Assistant without leaving the app (like setting up a reminder), making for that much better user experience.

BlackBerry seems all set to return some of the market share it has lost to Android and iPhone in the last few years. The newly announced Passport and Classic, as well as all those reorganization efforts should set the company back to the path of growth.

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