Android vendors, please make a BlackBerry Passport-like device

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport will most likely be my next phone. Sure, I hate the lack of key apps and the way Android apps work on Passport’s square display, but that physical keyboard is a deal-maker for me. I type a lot on the phone and while virtual keyboards are getting better with the day, they’re still “not there.” So I’m willing to accept few compromises in order to get more things done while on the go.

That being said, I gotta wonder why some Android handset makers don’t create similar devices? And by similar I mean phones that have physical QWERTY keyboard beneath a large screen. I’m not talking about sliders, though.

The Passport is really unique devices and it’s obviously selling well. Right now, the Canadian company has a nice problem to keep up with the demand. The fact that they haven’t ordered millions of units has lot to do with this, but still – I’m sure that the likes of HTC and Sony wouldn’t mind having the same problem.

Said two vendors are not alone struggling to keep up with Samsung and the growing number of Chinese vendors. So why not experiment with novel form factors? Or at very least, create a Typo keyboard case for your products, as I’ve mentioned before.

What do you think? Would you be interested in an Android device that looks like BlackBerry Passport?

  • 3aliensfromsaturn

    Blackberry is made for productive people. iPhones and Androids are made for unproductive people.

  • B

    Blackberry is expanding into running Android apps.

    • c

      At the cost of much battery life.

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