4 Reasons to Buy BlackBerry Passport

Blackberry Passport

BlackBerry Passport is a polarizing device. Some users love it, whereas some others think it’s way too awkward. I tend to be in the former group though I yet have to try one out. I do understand it’s not really pocket friendly and that some adjustment will be needed, but the benefits are numerous, or so I believe.

However, the Passport is not the phone made for everyone. Heavy gamers and mobile media consumers are better off getting an iPhone or some Android-based device. Similarly, there are iFanatics that can’t “bear” owning a gadget without Apple’s logo. These folks will likely avoid buying BlackBerry’s baby.

On the other hand, for those who want to be more productive while on the go, BlackBerry’s flagship offers a number of benefits. Here are four reasons why you should get the Passport over any other smartphone:

1. Keyboard

You’ve probably already heard Passport’s keyboard is different than those other BlackBerry devices have. Beyond offering great, standard-for-BlackBerry typing experience, it’s also touch sensitive with support for gestures, making it easier to scroll through long documents, web pages and spreadsheets. Furthermore, it also offers smart auto-complete and word deletion capabilities, while not eating-up the valuable screen estate (like virtual keyboards do).

2. Apps

Yes – apps. And I’m not talking about Amazon Appstore which comes preloaded with the Passport. There’s an app called “Snap” that allows you to install just about any Android app from the Google Play Store. Sure, some of them will look weird on the phone’s 4.5-inch square screen, but you’ll still get to taste them out. What’s more, for most popular services, there’s a dedicated BlackBerry app. Google’s apps and services are not the problem though you’re best off using Docs To Go for editing documents and spreadsheets.

3. Productivity

The BlackBerry Passport is a productivity machine. You will need some time to get used to the wide keyboard and all the shortcuts and gestures, but afterwards – you’ll be doing things on the fly like it’s nobody’s business. This device is made to help you get things done while commuting, standing in the queue and so on. Add the BlackBerry Blend service to the mix, and you can easily continue where you left off.

4. Statement

The weird look and feel of the BlackBerry Passport makes a statement. It’s different than any other modern smartphone. Right now, only the black version is available, but soon enough – white and red models will be released, too. As far as I’ve understood, the red Passport will be in stores just in time for Christmas, making it a perfect/unique gift for BlackBerry fans all around the world.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the BlackBerry Passport. How about you? Are you looking forward to get one for yourself?

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