Kupo! 9 Square Enix Games up to 50% Off From Google Play: Grab Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and More!

If your Android device isn’t chock full of Square Enix titles than today’s a good day to fill it up. Nine Sqaure Enix titles are on sale from the Google Play Store, most of them 50% off of their normal price. Square Enix games can be pricey, like around $15, so nabbing two quality games for the price of one is a heck of a deal. Check out the list below and hit up the links to purchase some seriously awesome titles.

Final Fantasy IV: After Years – $7.99
Final Fantasy V – $7.99
Final Fantasy III – $7.99
Final Fantasy – $3.99
Final Fantasy VI – $7.99
Final Fantasy IV – $7.99
Chrono Trigger – $4.99
Dragon Quest II – $2.99
Dragon Quest VIII – $12.99

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