Here’s How to Find Out if AT&T or T-Mobile Owe You Some Cash For Mobile Cramming

There will be almost 400 million mobile money transfer users by 2018

You read the headline right – T-Mobile or AT&T could owe you some money. The two American carriers just got busted for mobile cramming and have been forced to make good and pay out former customers who may have fallen prey to the shady practice. If you were a T-Mobile or AT&T customer during the past five years, you could be getting a nice little payout.

Mobile cramming is a practice whereby mobile carriers place small recurring charges into your bill that under the guise of third-party services. After a FCC investigation into the practice, T-Mobile agreed to dole out $90 million and AT&T $105 million to settle the disputes.

Ok, so do one of these carriers owe you money? If you were a T-Mobile customer, you’ve got until April 30th, 2015 to file a claim, and AT&T customers have until May 1st, 2015. T-Mobile customers can head to, and AT&T customers can file a claim at

Good luck!


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