BlackBerry should extend its co-operation with Google


Google and BlackBerry are getting closer to each other. This is still far from a partnership the Mountain View-based company has with its Android vendors, and we’re not sure it’s even getting there.

Instead, Google has teamed-up with BlackBerry — and few other companies for that matter — to bring Android to enterprises. As part of its Android for Work initiative, Google wants to make sure Android can sing along BES12. The Canadians on their end will support this effort by providing application support with BBM Meetings, BBM Protected, WorkLife, and other services.

While that’s all cool, we can’t help but wonder whether this partnership can be extended even further.

For one thing, I know many BlackBerry users crave for Google’s apps and services on their phones. We — I’m a BlackBerry Passport owner — want full-blown Google Docs and Google Maps. Not a web-based version, but regular native apps.

These apps could help BlackBerry as it would be able to benefit from the growing number of Google Docs users. As you may know, Google Docs offers decent (though not perfect) document, spreadsheet and presentation editing capabilities for free or next to nothing (if you need a ton of storage). By offering G-Services to its users, BlackBerry can increase the value of BlackBerry smartphones, hence be able to sell more of them.

Another important thing is support for wearables. Like it or not, this will be one of the industries where Google will be a dominating force. Unfortunately, Android Wear-powered smart watches are not compatible with BlackBerry devices. By partnering with BlackBerry, Google could get more users while BlackBerry could (again) make its phones more desirable.

Sounds like a plan to me, but I’m not sure the two parties are willing to make this happen. Perhaps I’m wrong though. What do you say?

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