Nexus watch in works?

Nexus logo

We’ve seen a Nexus phone, a Nexus tablet and a Nexus set-top box – it’s time for a Nexus smart watch.

Let me start by adding that we don’t have any inside information; this article is a product of my imagination, but it does make sense.

It’s time for Google to step-in and set standards for a modern, Android Wear-powered smart watch.

So what could a Nexus watch look like?

I would like to see it in two variants – one with a circular and the other with a square screen. It should be up to the user to decide what kind of a watch he/she wants to wear.

A Nexus watch should also be available in few different colors; so we get to pick between black, brown and white models.

I don’t expect it to look “too premium” cause some things should be left for Google’s partners. It shouldn’t look like something only geeks would want to wear, though.

Again, a Nexus watch hasn’t been confirmed and we don’t have any inside information whether it’s even in the pipeline. I personally think this is the way the industry will advance. The Mountain View-based company is best suited to set the standards, and drive the modern wearables industry to the next level. What do you think?

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