Amazon should acquire BlackBerry; here are 4 reasons why that could be a good idea


If Chinese handset makers like Huawei and ZTE don’t cut it — due to security and “all that jazz” — perhaps the best contender to take over BlackBerry is Amazon.

There are a few reasons why this could be a good move for the online retail giant:

1. Amazon wants its own eco-system, not the one owned by Google

Amazon has its own services and would rather see its users relying on Amazon services rather than those owned and operated by Google. However, the usage of Amazon Appstore is far from that of Google’s Play Store. If you’re using Amazon’s service, chances are you are looking for a deal, or a freebie. Otherwise, you’re “on” the Play Store.

There are at least three reasons for this: 1) Google’s service is the default option; 2) Amazon Appstore lacks many apps Play Store has; and 3) Developers are not updating their apps on Amazon’s service on a regular basis. I’ve experienced the third point myself.

Also, with BlackBerry on its side, Amazon would get its own mobile OS, one that’s more secure than competing platforms.

2. Enterprise customers

By acquiring BlackBerry, Amazon gets access to the enterprise clientele along with secure services these entities, as well as government clients, require.

Right now Amazon is primarily a consumer company despite its web services/infrastructure offering. With BlackBerry’s suite of services, the online retail giant could increase its customer base, which may then turn for all their shopping needs to or the local equivalent.

3. The two companies are already co-operating

New BlackBerry smartphones such as the Passport and Classic come with Amazon Appstore preloaded. While that’s a small and rather insignificant, we see that as a first step of getting closer together.

During the next few months, Amazon will get to know BlackBerry smartphone users better (as it’s looking at the logs), and perhaps they come to a conclusion that tighter integration with the Canadian company could be beneficial.

In any case, we see that Amazon and BlackBerry are already talking.

4. Amazon has its own phone

Which, as you may know, is not really selling like cupcakes, despite rocking an innovative 3D user interface. Perhaps for the next Fire Phone, Amazon decides to ditch Android for BlackBerry OS. Amazon seems to have what it takes — including millions of users around the world — to propel the fourth mobile platform (in addition to iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

Of course, none of this may be true. It’s just that we see that BlackBerry could use a big partner like Amazon, while Amazon could benefit from offering its own platform. Any thoughts?

  • Jaromir

    No thanks, prefer BBRY to be on their own, the only reason I use a BBRY is because of their reputation of security… Under Amazon I doubt they’d have that.

    • Pjay (Patti) Pender

      Who cares if they have that? if they have actual better security (and I’m not sold that they still do) that would be more valuable to me than a reputation for security.

      • Xavier Roemer

        It’s the only major player that falls outside of the Patriot Act. So in terms of privacy and security it’s definetely the best option. There’s no end-to-end encryption of iOS of Android and for corporate use nothing beats BES. BIS is pretty secure as well, even though they had to give certain governments access to that (f.e. India, and probably the US as well) or choose not to sell their phones there anymore. With BES this wasn’t possible since it’s a end-to-end encrypted service. Apple said they had that too, but in reality there was always a master key.

        And when you look at all the security options BBOS10 has, iOS and Android don’t even come close. Furthermore, you won’t simply hack a Blackberry device. Here in the Netherlands the Dutch forensics had trouble to hack the Blackberry of a well known criminal who refused to co√∂perate. Even after they send it to the US to some specialist party, they weren’t able to hack it, so the criminal walked (a couple of months later he still got shot).

  • freddysrevng2

    Apple would, actually, stand to benefit more from purchasing BlackBerry for the reasons mentioned….they will never had BlackBerry’s security so they will never have the G7 accounts that BlackBerry owns…

  • cornerofthemoon

    It’s a good bet that Amazon has more customers using their app store on a Blackberry than a Fire Phone.

  • Chris Mackenzy

    BlackBerry already capturing enough market on their own then what is the purpose of living under the umbrella of Amazon?

    • Pjay (Patti) Pender

      Since when is BlackBerry capturing enough market on their own? I must have missed that.

  • wow its really ?

  • Pjay (Patti) Pender

    My last two Samsung Android phones also had Amazon’s Appstore preinstalled. It’s hardly unique to BlackBerry.

  • Tomi Stark

    A kindle tablet with BB10 that would be awesome

  • Xavier Roemer

    Amazon is looking to be a new Google. So no thanks, I care about my privacy. I really dislike the Amazon Appstore on my Blackberry and the fact that it’s not removable. I don’t care for Android-apps. Blackberry should just offer it as an option. Btw, one of the prime USP’s of Blackberry is the fact that they fall outside of the Patriot Act. This won’t be the case anymore under Amazon since it’s an American company. So a huge part of the USP important to corporations and governements who now use Blackberry will fall off.

    If Amazon what’s a separate OS, they would’ve made it already. They wanted Android to make use of the available apps that were easy to transform to the Amazon services (even though Gamelink isn’t implemented in a lot of games). But the implementation of f.e. Ubuntu Mobile will bring them way more freedom and novelty. And they are working with Ubuntu as well. And then there’s also Sailfish and Tizen, both of which who are willing to share their OS with others.

  • If that partnership / acquisition did happen then that would be a power house. It would really bridge and provide a solution for both the business and consumer markets.

  • Avik Sarkar

    Why not suggest ways in which Blackberry ca bounce back on its own with new features?

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