The Series 90 future

No Symbian news today, or at least I haven’t find any. Nokia 7710So, I’ve decided to blog about the thing I was thinking for some time – the future of Symbian series 90. Let’s roll…

So far, the only device which supports series 90 is Nokia 7710. Nokia used to promote this phone heavily in all the media (I’ve seen their CNN ad/sponsorship). And, I like it. But will Nokia continue to pursue this platform – it’s hard to tell. Some ideas:

  • Nokia could use the S90 platform for their new communicators. The lack of stylus can be annoying in the long run. This, of course, would make S80 platform obsolete.
  • Nokia could discontinue to use S90 platform and switch to UIQ. Sounds pretty unlikely, since they haven’t used UIQ on any other phone.
  • Finally, Nokia could dump S90 platform, and pursue their Linux platform, Maemo, used in Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Interesting idea, but it could lead to dumping the S80 as well, leaving only the S60 platform.

It’s unlikely that S90 has any future. There are not that many applications for it and after the Nokia’s success with 770, I think it will be discontinued. Maemo mistral 2.0 roadmap is now available and what I’m certain is that we will see is some kind of better 770 device in the near future.

Maybe I’m wrong, but one thing is certain – Nokia do want to ride the open-source wave. After all, that’s the only alternative to Microsoft which spends millions to promote their new Windows Mobile. On the other hand, no one wants to dump something (technology) that’s already on place. How about S60 with the stylus support? I’m all for it. 🙂

  • Antony Pranata

    As indicated at Forum Nokia, Series 90 technoloogy is actually merge into S60 platform. You can see that S60 now supports various screen resolution and input methods (including stylus). So, we can say that Series 90 platform is dead already.
    About Nokia device that uses UIQ, actually there is one, i.e. Nokia 6708. It is the first UIQ-based device from Nokia… 🙂

  • dusanb

    I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks Antony, great addition! 🙂

  • Varis

    I find it realistic that Maemo could replace s80 and s90, though it’s not yet ready for prime time in Communicators. Maybe in 2 years though… when would you expect the new communicators to come out? R&D of course starts years ahead of a finished product, so likely they have already chosen s80 for the next generation of communicators and Maemo will not appear on those devices for a while.

    The advantage of Maemo is that it’s quite easy to develop for, and also there are many advanced desktop applications for Linux, which could be possibly ported to the platform. (In some Finnish blogs there have been recently complaints that Symbian is even harder to develop to than say Windows .Net.) This would make Maemo an attractive option for a high-end smart phone.

  • Shiv

    Ya, it is definitely a fact that Series 90 is dead already but official announcement is still awaited. For those people like me who are using Nokia 7710 there is certainly no future, no future upgrades and even no more third party softwares. So if u still think its happening then…. U better be Dumb.

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