Amp’d Mobile Drops Ball On Customer Info – May Be Fined $100,000

AmpCome on Amp’d, did you really think that your slacker attitude regarding customer information wasn’t going to get noticed? Well, sure enough, the FCC got wind of Amp’d Mobiles failure to comply with regulations for curbing pretext fraud requiring internal safeguards to protect customer information. Pretexting, recently outlawed by Congress, is the practice of impersonating a wireless customer to glean personal data from the carrier. Now, Amp’d is facing a $100,000 fine – the fourth this year – as part of the FCC’s push to take “aggressive, substantial steps” towards securing consumer data.

Amp’d has 30 days to pony up more information on their protection procedures or request a lower fine. We request a higher fine for any operator that gets lazy with its customer protection regiment. Amp’d has $5.1 million in annual sales – we think a higher fine would really get them off their bums and get working for their customers.

Via: Yahoo News

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