Motorola Gets ‘Higher’ Than Anyone Else – Phone Call From Top Of Everest

Motorola wants to top EverestMotorola really wants to get ‘high’ with their mobile brand. In a hair-brained publicity stunt, Motorola will sponsor Brit mountain climber Rod Bader in his attempt to take cell phone performance to a whole new level. Actually, 20,561 ft. above sea level, to be exact. This would make Motorola the ‘highest’ mobile phone manufacturer in the business – apparently they weren’t high enough when they released the original ROKR phone.

Bader will attempt to summit the not-so-small mountain and see if anyone can “hear me now.” There’s a cell tower in China with a line-of-sight to the north face of the peak. But, that also means poor little Rod will have to hoof it on a more dangerous path. We’ll just have to wait and see what the outcome of this half-baked (at best) idea will be. Hopefully the next article doesn’t see a headline along the lines of “Bader Gets Too ‘High’ – Motorola Not ‘High’ Enough”

Via: BBC News

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