WiMAX More Appealing To Consumers Than 3G or WiFi Access; In-Stat Survey Finds

In-stat survey finds that users prefer WiMAX to 3G or WiFiA survey from In-Stat reveals that when consumers had a choice of WiMAX, WiFi, or 3G, they resoundingly preferred WiMAX. The report cites a “significant preference” for the long distance WiMAX protocol. And, more than 50% of those surveyed said that they would ditch their current broadband provider for a provider than offered a bundled broadband internet and wireless phone service. Looks like Sprint‘s move to get a head start on deploying WiMAX networks may turn out to pay off in the long run – if the results of this survey come to materialize. WiMAX will take some time to become fully available and reliable in the States, but when it does, we’ll all be glad that Fujitsu is working on making WiMAX phones last longer between charges.

via: informationweek

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