Get Credit For Sprint’s Dropped Calls – Keystrokes To Save You Money On Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, T-mobile

Get credit for dropped calls on Sprint - and other keystrokes to save you money on Verizon, Cingular, T-mobileThanks to BrandNameCoupons, you can stick it to the man for dropping calls (as long as that man is Sprint) by using a simple keystroke command. If you are a Sprint customer and your call gets dropped you can get credit for that call, for up to 20 dropped calls a month and a max of $10 worth of credit.

After your dropped call, dial *2
Hit 1
After the recorded voice, say “credit for a dropped call,” or “dropped call credit

If you aren’t on Sprint, you can still save money by using keystroke commands to skip through voicemails – so you don’t sit there listening to pointless messages and eating up previous minutes. Hit the read link for more info.


  • Skip Voicemail intro: 1


  • Skip Voicemail intro: *
  • Rewind: 1
  • Pause: 2
  • Fast Forward: 3
  • Slow: 4
  • Date/Time info: 5
  • Faster: 6

(after message ends)

  • Replay: 4
  • Delete: 7
  • Save: 9
  • Help: 0


  • Skip Voicemail intro: *
  • Delete voicemail: 77
  • Save Voicemail: 99


  • Skip Voicemail intro: #

via: brandnamecoupons

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