Nokia Readies Shipments Of WiMAX Phones For 2008

wimax will be the 4g technology of the future as Nokia readies an early 2008 shipment of wimax phonesWith the hot new high-speed technology being WiMAX, is it such a surprise that Nokia is already preparing for the 4G technology from Intel? The Finnish mobile manufacturing giant has announced, at Web 2.0 Expo, that they are going to leap-frog 3G and 3.5G tech for an early 2008 release for their 2+mbps WiMAX phones. The launch windows coincides with Sprint‘s WiMAX roll out in the US and elsewhere in the world.

Nokia looks to be betting on 4G WiMAX gaining a strong foothold. With speeds topping 2mbps, far away from any WiFi hotspot, the technology promises to provide better coverage and speeds for Nokia’s web browsers and widgets.

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