Rumor Alert: Ericsson looking to buy Motorola

Ericsson rumored to buy MotorolaThere’s some speculation that Ericsson is looking into buying Motorola to re-structure the ailing company into two segments – network kits (for mobile operators) and consumer handsets. The rumor, started by Carl Icahn, is a bit puzzling. Ericsson already has a consumer handset manufacturing division in Sony Ericsson, which is already leaps and bounds ahead of the stumbling Motorola design team. YahooNews also reports that Ericsson is “not entering into a major acquisition period. We have a lot of the acquisitions behind us,” according to Ericsson Chief Executive Carl-Henric Svanberg.

via: mobilecrunch

  • PineRoot

    Doesn’t seem likely, there is really no “true” benefit for Ericsson…where did this rumor come from?

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