Motorola press conference: ROKR Z6, Q8 and Q9; Plus, “Media monster” is RIZR Z8?

Beside RAZR 2, American handset maker today announced a slew of new handsets at the Motorola’s Mobile Experience event with Ed Zander. Let’s start…

New Motorola announcements

ROKR Z6 is the first true Linux Java product. Apparently this device is “like Mercedes car door.” There’s a memory card expansion slot, Bluetooth A2DP support, album art, playlists and more. Closed it’s an MP3 player with only music-dedicated keys, opened it’s a phone.


The Q8 and Q9 are slim Windows Mobile 6 smartphones. Q9 is much faster, as it boasts an HSDPA radio. Plus, there’s a 2 MP camera. Isn’t this the already announced MOTO Q 9h?

MOTO Q8 and Q9

Now, the weird thing. Previously talked about “media monster” is actually the already announced MOTO RIZR Z8. I agree it’s a great phone. I’ve even spend some time with it at 3GSM in Barcelona. But, hey MOTO, we expected something better — something that will make Nokia N95 look ridiculous. Oh, well… I guess we’ll have to wait for another Motorola’s conference for such announcement.


(via: Engadget, Gizmodo, press release)

  • fran

    che…..el z8 esta re bueno pero cuando sale a la venta? :smile: :mrgreen:

  • Jumar Goodman

    Whats going to be the key difference between the new ROKR and the RIZR it looks like the same phone. has alot of the same characteristics.

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