Amp’d Mobile goes Belly Up – Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

AmpAmp’d has released an official statement regarding their Chapteer 11 bankruptcy filing.

“As a result of our rapid growth, our back-end infrastructure was unable to keep up with customer demand. We are taking this step as a necessary and responsible action to sustain and strengthen our momentum in the market place.” Don’t dismiss this as pure spin, despite how laughable it sounds: there is half-a-kernel of truth in this. Amp’d was growing fast, but it tripped up on customer service, retention, collections and subsequently payments….During the reorganization process, we are working with one of Amp’d Mobile’s largest investors to obtain debtor-in-possession financing. Our investor supports our vision, strategic direction and business plan…Amp’d Mobile’s senior management team remains largely intact as we continue to focus on improving and scaling our backend infrastructure.”

Amp’d Mobile has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy! That’s right, the MVNO has gone belly up, just weeks after flaunting their 200,000 subscriber-base. Who woulda thought that the PR-challenged MVNO would need to seek the court’s protection as they try to get their house in order? Well, to be honest, we weren’t all that surprised at the news…nor were we all that dissapointed. Could Amp’d Mobile’s financial woes be signalling the end of the MVNO trend that is starting to look more like a fad? We’ll just have to wait and see.

All you Amp’d Mobile fans should keep your fingers crossed for a turn-around…because we sure won’t be.

via: enagadgetmobile

  • Billy Donovan

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  • aaron

    your phone service sucked! Im very happy that your service is ending when i signed up for my account they sales rep had told me that everything was free for the first three months and it wasnt i had to pay for everything :evil: thats all your company is you guys have lied about everything you had told me you would. Take things off my account and didnt and told me i couldnt cancel anything on my account without canceling everything. so in conclusion your company sucks

  • george bayona

    i applied for an amd mobile phone in jan 07. i purchased the service from best buy, and the sales rep at the time didnot inform me that if you sign up for service and activate in the middle of the month, whatever plan you sign up for, you only get half of the minutes for the remainder of the month. so stupid me talked away for two weeks thinking i had 6oo minutes when all i had was 300. any way i got 500 dollards in overage talk time. the customer service is terrible.i got hung up on, cursed at, just to try to fix this problem.not only that , they charged me 1000 dollars for bogus fees. the phones worked great , but the cust service is the worst in my 31 years in i have a outstanding bill for 1500 dollars and i call constantly to try to get credited, however my credit was affected drasticly. PLEASE DO NOT USE AMPD MOBIL SERVICE

  • Linda

    George bayona, thats funny they did the same thing to my daughter, charged her 1000 dollars in one month in bogus charges too. Funny they couldn’t itemize it for her. They said it was for ring tones or music whatever which was bogus. I hope they don’t hold their breath.

  • keisha

    :???: hey i jus have a question because i owe ampd mobile 500 dollars too doe sthis mean since they went bankrupt well get the charge tooken out of collections or anything of that matter? please someone get back to me with your reply thanks

  • Ben

    Wow its idea’s like that that cause companies to go into situations like that….

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