HTC Launches Apple iPhone ‘Killer’ – HTC Touch

Remember when we told you that HTC had a mysterious announcement for June 5th? Well, it turns out that today is June 5th! We bring you HTC’s answer to the Apple iPhone – the HTC Touch. As expected, the HTC Elf-based Touch rocks the new TouchFLO fingertip interface to compete directly with Apple’s multi-touch display on the iPhone.

TouchFLO responds to the same sweeping, finger inputs as the iPhone and will also recognize when a stylus is being used. TouchFLO brings fingertip scrolling and browsing through webpages and documents. Flick your finger upwards on the screen and TouchFLO will serve up it’s application launcher (Contacts, Media, Applications). The animated launcher is controlled through the same finger flicks that makes browsing through music albums on the iPhone so visually appealing.

HTC Touch - Apple iPhone killer based on the HTC Elf

Hit the link to get your fill of glamor shots!

Being based on the HTC Elf, the HTC Touch sports a 2.8 inch screen, quad-band GSM radio with EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, microSD slot, and 2 MP shooter – all running under Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. The Touch will come pre-installed with Office Mobile and Microsoft’s Direct Push Email system.

Peter Chou, HTC CEO, says, “With the HTC Touch, access to your most commonly used content, contacts and features is only a simple finger flick away…Mobile phone makers have done a great job of cramming ever-more exciting features into ever-smaller phones. But the way in which one accesses these increasingly sophisticated features has not kept pace. That ends today with the HTC Touch”.

The HTC Touch is now available in the UK with an Asian and European rollout expected later this month. North and South America can expect releases in 2H 2007. It should be noted that the HTC Touch is smaller and slimmer than the Apple iPhone and it will be released globally – while the iPhone is limited to a single carrier in the US. It looks like AT&T execs have even more reason to get all queasy in the stomach.

HTC Touch - Apple iPhone killer based on the HTC Elf

HTC Touch - Apple iPhone killer based on the HTC Elf

HTC Touch - Apple iPhone killer based on the HTC Elf

HTC Touch - Apple iPhone killer based on the HTC Elf

HTC Touch - Apple iPhone killer based on the HTC Elf

HTC Touch - Apple iPhone killer based on the HTC Elf

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  • Tom

    Hmm… Y’know what…. I kind of like it. 🙂
    It’s not quite as sexy as the iPhone, and the windows OS still looks kind of difficult to use with a finger. But this looks like a step in the right direction.

  • Meatloaf

    It looks like an over-sized Tamagotchi to me.

  • JoeB

    A lame ripoff. Leave it to Asia to ‘innovate’.

  • Dana

    I love my HTC Touch
    Awesome Phone not a rip off 🙂

  • Way

    Nice to see someone come up against the marketing machine that is the iPhone. The “i” Line is more marketing than anything… ask people that actually use the iPhone… it ain’t all that great. Just like the iPod… there’s way more “bang for your buck” in a better media player under different brand names.
    I’m getting my HTC Touch ASAP.

  • Bebe

    i love my htc touch its a totally awsome phone// i would not go back to my old phone// deffinitly not a rip off!!

  • chris

    😈 This phone sucks. It, in no way compete’s with the iPOD. Please do not buy it. I’m returning mine tomorrow.

  • Peter K

    I love my HTC Touch. I especially love the large screen, easy to use touch screen, and even using the stylist is easy. It has everything my PC has.

    I surf the internet. Google maps is amazing. I play games that were only on PC’s a year ago. And I have some really great apps that are typical to the PC environment. Windows apps like Office. Internet Explorer, and astronomy, currency converters that gets live updates. It’s basically my mini laptop, the phone is a bonus!

  • alex

    i got one and in less than 2 months it had viruses and was all messed up. When i took it into the sprint store to ask what was wrong, they said there was nothing wrong and it worked perfectly, when it was obvious it wasn’t right. I tried downloading music to a micro SD card but as soon as i did all the ringtones wouldn’t work and the phone would only vibrate instead of ring. I just recently got an iPhone and the touch screen is SOOOO much easier because you don’t have to press down on the screen at all, and the iPhone can actually display the internet, not a scaled down version. My iPhone also has had no problems that couldn’t be fixed in less than 10 minutes. Overall, I was disappointed in my Touch.

  • Mo

    Well, i got the sprint touch n an ipod touch. The touch screen on the sprint touch is soo much easier to use then the ipod. And no . . . it’s not a rip off!! The greatest phone i’ve ever had!!

  • Kunkinator

    People with iPods are just fad followers. The bulk of these people do NO research before they buy, and if they did they would find out about better things than OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive apple merchandise. The HTC touch is a great example of this. As far as I know it is projected to release to be only about 150 to 250 bucks, way cheaper than the ipod (this is for verizon). As far as viruses, of course there is potential for this, just download some pocket antivirus/antispyware, you can find some for free. in my opinion the HTC touch is the best choice for consumers in this market. Buy it and save money over the ipod!

  • tushar

    It looks like shit reinvented. I say stop trying to reinvent the iPhone with windows, and become original.

    Btw I have an iPhone and I wouldn’t even consider that phone.

  • Depth

    I got both. guess which ones going back… The iphone sux ass touch screen is crap, too heavy it cost me too much and it dont look as good as the Touch… Nuff said.

  • IPs

    I love The HTC Touch Diamond over Apple. I think in market only htc touch diamond is real competitor.

  • sameer gada

    I am seeing which mobile of HTC make is avable in mumbai with the compatblity of TATA CDMA & the best rate to buy. Pl. send me all details of that mobile.

    You can also call me on my mo:9223300235.



  • sidney

    has anyone seen the htc touch hd?

  • cice

    My two friends bought this htc touch, and they are going gaga over this one.. They like the wifi thing…it is cool except that it has no keypad… could you just imagine typing an article or posting a blog entry and you have to use the stylus for that? horrible! Good luck

  • Tom

    Yeah with no keyboard this thing really sucks. Looks decent though.

  • Ryan

    Some things on the HTC Touch can’t be fixed.

    Stylus for pathetic keyboard? Use windows mobile’s flexibility. Lots of finger-friendly keyboards on the web.

    Resistive touchscreen. Love it or hate it. Not great for text input and games, but stops accidental presses.

    How is it reinventing the iPhone? Touch-enabled phones are the future. Just because iPhone was largely publicized and therefore many of its features seemed new (they were improved over other previous phones), doesn’t every finger-friendly phone that is simple (design? Palm made simple-styled PDA’s…) is an iPhone copy.

    Viruses? Stop downloading software from torrent sites, or stop watching porn FFS.

    Internet browser problems? Well, who uses PIE? There’s Opera, and the Mobile Firefox (forgot the name), lots of choices…

    iPhone is flashy and publicized, but the Touch still does the job. Plus it can look good…try out SPB Mobile Shell, and other alternatives.

    Remember BFYB. Bang For Your Buck.

  • Alan

    I have used HTC phones for many years (started with the XDA)and found them to be far more advanced than anything on the market. The iPhone is still new(ish) and follows in the shadow of HTC phones (not the other way around).

    While most of you think you are getting state-of-the-art technology with the iPhone, people in the know have been using that same technology for years on HTC phones. This makes me laugh, its like watching children discovering a CB radio and claiming its better than a phone for communications.

  • Satish

    Actually, this htc madel is really nice i m using this model from 6 months still no problem in this model so if you want to buy this model so you can buy this mobile its more easier for all….



  • shelby

    i love my htc phone too . i work for a pet store and people ask me questions about something i dont know or to find a place or compare prices . my phone can answer all of it in lil to no time at all! lol. its the best phone i ever will ever have .

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