Nokia changes its mind – declares touchscreens as the future!

Nokia says touchscreens are the future - after saying that no one wants themReuters is reporting that the Finnish handset manufacturing giant, Nokia, has pulled an about-face on their stance on touchscreens. The company has previously stated that they were not very interested in the touchscreen technology that the Apple iPhone made so popular. However, Nokia COO Tero Ojanpera, said that “Optical sensors and touch will be the next big things,” adding that “I believe there will be a lot of innovation around these.”

The change of mind is completely Nokia’s prerogative, but it’s funny how fast a company that has seemed set in their non-use of touchscreens could flip-flop. We’ve seen touchscreens being widely used in the Windows Mobile world (that’s for you, Dusan) for quite some time now – and with the upcoming iPhone release, it’s understandable that Nokia would come around and embrace the technology. This would finally help Nokia “multimedia computers” actually qualify as “smartphones.”
We can’t wait for touchscreens and movement sensors to hit our favorite Nokia devices. Imagine if the Nokia E61 had been endowed with a touchscreen? Or if the Nokia N95 featured movement sensors? Please, Nokia, give us the N98!

[Via: Reuters]

  • William

    At last! I hope they will make some devices soon.

  • Viipottaja

    Unbelievable bullshit story! Nokia has NEVER said they would not use touchscreens (and they already have in the 7710, the two China oriented phone I can’t remember the names off, and the 770 and N800). If you want this site to get popular, check the facts first.

  • Will Park

    Yes, Nokia has used touchscreens before – but I’m sure you’ll agree that most of Nokia’s product lineup is touchscreen-less (which is what I was referring to in Nokia’s non-use of touchscreens). They have been quite adamant in NOT using touchscreens as much as possible. Furthermore, while Nokia has never explicitly stated that they would never embrace touchscreens, the company has officially stated that they think touchscreens are something people do not want – and now they are flip flopping and saying that touchscreen are the future (implying that people do indeed want the technology).

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