Nokia N95 8GB spy photo

Well, well we got you live this time. Thanks to Slashphone, we got this leaked photo of the upcoming Nokia N95 8GB. As you can see from the image bellow, the improved N95 will come in black and will clearly state just how much songs and movies it can take. Two things for Nokia: keep the memory card slot (and all other existing features, of course) and add more RAM. After that — I’m all yours. Faster processor would also add extra points in my book. :)

Nokia N95 8GB live

UPDATE: More photos after the break.

Nokia N95 8GB and Nokia N93

Nokia N95 8GB and other devices

  • tossi

    Yummy. Hope its all true and they make that battery last more. Pretty much nobrainer then :smile:

  • Bor15

    Nice photoshop!

    If you look at the photo you can see the back is the plum colour.

  • t3styler

    not sure if it’s 100% real myself, but it still looks pretty slick all the same…

  • nolasim

    sandisk is coming out with its 4 and 8gb micro sd.
    nokia and other companies are testing the the sd cards
    which might account for the 8 gb nokia n95
    if you zoom in on the first pic of the nokia n95 8gb on the front it has the nokia n95 label but it also has tdc-14 written on it commonly mistaken as toc
    if you search on google for nokia 8gb tdc-14 it will explain about the new sandisk 4 and 8gb micro sds in mobiles.

  • nolasim

    not saying it is but just might be

  • gfggdv

    :idea: :grin: :sad: :cry: :cry: :wink: :cool: :arrow: :arrow:

  • wright

    brand new nokia n95 8gb is such an amazing phone , it comes with a great and wonderfull storage capacity of 8gb , what more is needed of a phone than this , the colour resolution of 240 by 320 pixels and battery Standby time is 280 hours and Talk time is 5 hours is another thing to look at if what really matters to you is a clear and vivid communication in business or privately the you need the nokia n95 gb

    I have bought mine and also as a dealer of mobile phones i have them in stock too so if you are intrested in buying you can contact me as well
    my email is
    [email protected]
    and will be pleased to educate you more answers your questions and give you more comments

  • joher

    hi I wanted to know that when would be the phone(n95 8gb) available in states and what the pricing would be. Thnx deeply appreciated.

  • manisha

    sir , can u plz tell me what is the price of nokia n95 8gb phone!!!!!

  • manisha

    can u plz tell me the price?

  • Robbie

    So, is there a hardware difference between the 8gb and the original?

  • dusanb

    Certainly – the N95 8GB has more RAM (very important), larger screen and a better battery.

  • Robbie

    ok, It seems they have 8Gb ram onboard now and removed the card slot. Otherwise, it’s the same phone as the original. Where as the new firmware upgrade will allow for the 8gb sd cards when they come out. I can’t understand the point of a ’8Gb’ model??????

  • dusanb

    More RAM is soooo important. Try starting maps and camera at the same time on the original N95. If that goes through, try starting a browser. Basically, the N95 8GB is an improved version.

  • adrian

    i just love the new nokia n95 8gb. its great. i am waiting for my birthday to buy it. someone who loves work and play together has got to have this mobile.carry loads of your favourite songs or video and watch or listen to them when u r on the move. store more than 6000 songs on its internal memory. its camera is also very cool. it is 5 mega pixel.

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