iPhone with Chinese characters spotted; Fake?

iPhone with Chinese characters spotted

You got that right – iPhone seems almost ready for Chinese market. Not sure just how many Chinese citizens will be able to afford Apple’s expensive gadget, but you can certainly get million units sold in a country with 1.3 billion people. Plus, consumers in China still wait for a wide upgrade of 3G networks, hence EDGE version will work just fine there. Now, Apple drop us that 3G radio, will ya?

UPDATE: Not good news for our Chinese readers – it seems this is a fake photo. The black security tether attached to the back of the phone looks quite suspicious. [Thanks Kenn]

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

  • BlueVisor

    you have no idea how much money Chinese people are spending on cell phones… a $500 high end phone is considered “cheap” in China…

  • saint168

    I was totally surprise when I found out how much ppl would spend on cell phones when I was in Hong Kong and China a few months ago. Cell phones are like the sign of social status in China. You gotta have the latest and greatest if you want to show off. The iPhone is the ultimate garget now, ppl will buy it even though it doesn’t work correctly in China.

  • JonasShanghai

    i-phone exists in China both in English with Chinese Charater SMS function or fully in Chinese. These are cracked versions sold (in thousands..!) in China for around USD 550..!

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