BMW – the perfect match for your Apple iPhone

Forget all the fancy cases, docks, and headsets. Nothing matches your brand new iPhone like a new BMW! The German car-maker wants us all to know that all their cars since 2004 will work with your iPhone (and iPod for that matter). It’s really nothing new or even a real announcement – more like an FYI for the iPhone community. Hey, if we were equipped with an iPhone cradle, we’d be riding the iPhone hype-wave too!

iPhone BMW compatible

And you thought plunking down that $600 on the counter was the end of it – it turns out that you’re going to need a whole new car to accessorize that iPhone of yours. You shoulda known better.

Reader Amy tells us that her 2004 model year BMW does not fully work with the iPhone. Apparenty, there’s some wacky interference that forces you to choose to use the iPhone solely as a phone or as an iPod – not both. Anybody else have this problem? Are there issues with later models (’05, ’06, ’07?).

[Via: Macenstein]

  • Tom

    do they have those at the apple store?

  • Will Park

    HAHA, good question. Next time I goto an Apple Store, I’m gonna ask the most clueless looking guy if I can buy a 750i – and what the return policy is 😆

  • Tiroless

    iPhone + BMW 320D Touring (177 CV)works perfect as an iPod and well as an iPhone. I can call and receive calls, but the contact list is not available in the Business Pro screen.

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