Sprint or Verizon to carry HTC Vogue/Touch?

HTC TouchA month ago, we posted information about the upcoming HTC Windows Mobile smartphones. One of the listed devices was HTC Vogue, also known as the CDMA version of the HTC’s “iPhone killer” – Touch. Now, it seems that the time for Vogue’s introduction in the U.S. is approaching rapidly. According to msmobiles, either Sprint or Verizon (who else?) will carry the HTC’s all-touchscreen smartphone. Is that their response to the iPhone? Nah… 🙂

Anyway, some serious Windows Mobile love, combined with 2MP camera, Bluetooth, WiFi and high-speed CDMA EV-DO Rev. A is coming to the CDMA carrier near you. The last mentioned (EV-DO) will almost certainly be the Vogue’s key selling point — I can easily imagine Sprint or Verizon’s promotional material ridiculing iPhone for its EDGE speeds…

  • Ricky

    Hopefully Sprint gets it 🙂

  • frank

    Please, sprint, please pick up this phone. I am tired of being ridiculed by my friends for sticking with you for seven long years. Give me a phone that will make me proud. Just once. Please.

  • zak

    noooooooo way. This phone would be great for verizon. I want a multimedia phone with a touch screen please. :mrgreen:

  • Zach

    It is going to be for Verizon deffinantly , not sure about Sprint but I can confirm 100% Verizon will have this phone under the name Vogue

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