Amp’d Mobile to shut down on Tuesday

AmpIt’s been a long and slow death for Amp’d Mobile. It seems that the inevitable has finally happened – Amp’d will be shutting off service on Tuesday, at midnight. The Amp’d website details the options left to customers still on amp’d dead network. You can port your number, even on prepaid plans, but you only have until midnight on Tuesday – after that, your number will be recycled into the wireless ether. On the upside, termination fees will be waived and purchased media will still be viable as long as they are stored on the memory card.

Customers are being notified via SMS text message of the impending shutdown. The notification goes something like:
AMPD MSG: Your svc may be disconnected on 7.24 @ 12:01am. Go to or contact the location where you activated your service for further info. 

If you’re a current Amp’d Mobile customer, you had best get off your duff and find a new wireless carrier, pronto! Otherwise, come Wednesday morn, you may find yourself without your wireless number.

[Via: MocoNews]

  • Russell

    I have ampd and it is wed. 7:15am and i still have service?

  • Will Park

    Interesting, keep an eye on it for us, will ya? Let us know when you hear the death rattle.

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