Toshiba to launch the next-generation of 3D graphics LSI for mobile phones

While the mobile gaming industry is still in its infancy, companies are working round the clock to develop technologies, which could change and improve the industry. Toshiba is one of the companies that wants to chip-in with its technologies, and just recently, the Japanese giant announced a new dedicated 3D graphics Large-Scale Integration (LSI) chip that will add the new level of realism to mobile games.


According to Toshiba, the new LSI, “TC35711XBG”, will achieve rendering speeds of 100 mega-polygons a second, thus surpassing by a factor of 38 the performance of existing similar products. Furthermore, the chip will also incorporate Toshiba’s “Media Embedded Processor” (MeP) to handle sound, a host processor, and a WVGA LCD controller for wide-screen displays.

Suddenly mobile gaming sounds even MORE promising. Still, we have to wait for October this year, to see the first samples of the new graphics LSI, and probably the end of next year to see it embedded in pilot devices. Can’t wait! 🙂

[Via: slashphone]

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