CECT rips off the Apple iPhone, again – CECT 599

CECT 599 iPhone rip cloneIf you’re in China, and you’ve got a case of iPhone envy, you really don’t have any other option than to go the knock-off route. CECT, one of the most prolific rip-off artists in China (the world?), has released another Apple iPhone clone. Apparently, the CECT P168 wasn’t enough for the clone factory, they had to have another go at the iconic Apple iPhone. The CECT 599 rocks a slightly smaller 3.2 inch 240×400 touchscreen display, but loses the navigation hard keys in favor of a more iPhone-esque minimalistic style. For about $150 USD, you get Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera, stereo speakers, and the ability to play video files (but only as big as 176×144 pixels) – all in a 90 gram body.

We gotta say, this is one fine looking iPhone knockoff – more so than CECT’s previous attempt. It’s definitely a great deal, but if you really want that iPhone fee, you’re just going to have to get an iPhone – like a Porsche, there is no substitute. Of course, Chinese iPhone hopefuls will have to wait a year or so for their chance at iPhone glory – so this thing might be their best bet.

For those of you interested in getting one of these phones, I found a number of them on sale at eBay.

Read on for more pics of the CECT 599 in all its glory.

CECT 599 iPhone rip clone

CECT 599 iPhone rip clone

CECT 599 iPhone rip clone

CECT 599 iPhone rip clone

CECT 599 iPhone rip clone

CECT 599 iPhone rip clone

[Via: Slashphone]

Images from M8cool.com

  • Friday

    I must admit this particular design actually looks pretty good 🙂 (even though it’s an iPhone clone). Apart from the other clones, this one doesn’t have that much of a cheap replica look.

  • Rob H

    Dusan posted about this phone on July 19th… and I quote:

    “First of all, I wouldn’t call it a ripoff nor clone. Yes, it may resemble an iPhone in some ways as it has just a few buttons, but we saw such devices even before Apple announced its handset. So it’s NOT a clone!”

  • Friday

    Ok, I accept it’s not a clone, but the fact remains that in the near future every mobile device of this kind will inevitably be compared against iPhone, and often wrongly dubbed an iPhone clone. Nevertheless, this one looks pretty good!

  • Rob H

    Hey Friday,

    My comment was more of a heads up to Will (the person who wrote the article) letting him know that someone else on the site posted about this a few days ago (same pics etc).


  • Zetabyte

    What if i told you Apple stole the design and all features form the Moko Smartphone?–its a linux based phone–and has been in the making since 1992.
    check it out for ur self..Apple is the first clone–this is the second

  • Will Park

    You can check it out here

    But, I’m curious as to what you mean by Apple stealing the design? Wouldn’t that also imply that almost all touchscreen phones stole the idea as well?

  • Zetabyte

    No, the Design–chromed lining–touch screen the precise markings–of where the icons are–Apple cloned Moko—
    Only thing is they are using MAc os X bla bla
    Linux is on Moko–

    Problem is–Apple rushed their phone–and they basically show you a prototype of the new Moko phone
    im a developer for Moko–and i compared the 2..apple just made it look different..but the keyboard idea is stolen, the camera utilities and look for all of..everything ripped out of ..Moko..

  • AK

    Did anyone tried to use the cect 599 in USA? Can this phone work with T-mobile?

  • KG

    Is this 599 phone only a dual-band phone? Everything I find says so, but because the information on the P168 is all over the place, I thought the info on this one might be, too. Can anyone answer FOR SURE about how many bands this supports?

  • martbud

    does this phone have the mac os start up?

  • Vince

    Will CECT 599 work with Cingular/AT&T network? The phone said it use GSM 900/1800MHZ. My sim card use GSM 1800MHZ. Does this mean it will work in the US if i use my sim card?

  • hendry

    how is the PLAYER of cect 599…is it just as same as i phone…especially the video player…wich one is better between p168 and cect599….can anyone tell me….tq…

  • usertogo

    isn’t the iPhone supposed to have wifi? I visited their www eemobi cn but it appears none of their phones support 802.11g …

  • Unicity

    Hi Does anyone have this phone yet? Do you live in the U.S.?
    Any problems with your network?
    thanks in advance. 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Unicity

    Hi Does anyone have this phone yet? Do you live in the U.S.?
    Any problems with your network?
    thanks in advance. 😀 😀 😀

  • sarah

    Hi, i have this phone from UK it works fine with my network.. but would like to use wap does anyone now how..? 🙂 thanks

  • sarah

    Thanks that site looks cool, as i’m looking to buy another for a birthday present 🙂
    But you say GSM is supported everywhere any clues on how to get mine working..!? thanks

  • spamus

    SO this thing do anything but full screen media player? I’ve already got Realplayer, XMMS & MPlayer on my MotoMing PDA, so what sets this CECT apart?

    ps. yes Apple is a clone…. I was fingering my Ming long before Apple’s ad campaign showed me how.

  • Lance

    So I was wondering if there was any other phones that supported wifi…other than apple(currently available)?

  • danzoo2007

    i have some cect phones to sell,im from portugal and i can sell it from ebay and accept paypal payment,add me on msn or email me to danzoo2007@hotmail.com
    Cheapest CECT price’s.

  • Ruth Crawford

    I have just bought the CECT 599 and think it’s fab, but want to know where I can find a downloadable English manual so I can get the most out of my phone.

  • Piotr

    recently I purchased mobile phone – CECT599. There are two languages to choose from. When I chose english language there still are some elements of the menu that are in chinese.
    Is there any way to completely replace chinese language with english? If yes, then where can I download adequate files?

  • nisse

    You in america does not have GSM. You have EDGE. In europe we have gsm and 3G. Thats why the iphone doesn´t work in for example sweden get. They has to build it whith GSM. 🙂 It comes to europe by christmas !

    Swedish luck to all of you !!!

  • anthony

    i have the 599 in the U.K i cant get a 2gb micro disk to work on it and i still have one menu in chineise and i dont know what it does lol, i think it may format my memory card… is there any support anywhere for it? no instructions came with the phone either… which didnt help!

  • PVR

    Hi all..
    I too got CECT 599 which is a cool mobile with all required facilities. Couldn’t get Eng Manual; wonder if anyone has Eng manual, would they be kind enough to mail me at pv_r@indiatimes.com.
    The menu item in chinese is for “PC Sync”, I suppose… and maynot be of gr8 use, as such. All other functions are checked and in case any user has queries, I can try to answer.
    Hav a gr8 day.

  • spliffy1

    hi i have cect 599 wen a recieve messeges it cums up way the persons number and not ther name and so av got to scroll down ma names 2 a fgind who txtd me so akin reply or no. does any 1 no how 2 change it so that the name comes up please help. msn me jnj.2005@hotmail.com

  • PVR

    The above problem of not appearing names of nos. exists even if a call comes (it shows the no. and not the name). Try this.. (am not sure, still for me, it seems this is the prob)
    The ph. identifies name with no. stored. But, we store normally the basic no. without country code etc. So, just try modifying the no. stored in your ph. to have the complete phone no. for e.g. if the country code is +99, and mob.no.is 1234567890 try storing the no. as +991234567890 instead of simply storing as 1234567890. It might work. your feedback here will help many.
    (i’ll also try).

  • PVR

    CECT 599 -Tips
    In case you don’t know this –

    (1) To record a conversation while talking – press camera button and the phone conversation will be stored in the card folder as .AMR file.
    (2) To route the call to loud speaker – when the conversation starts, ‘option’ appears at lower left of screen. press that and you will find a menu with many options. option-2 is to switch on loud speaker.
    During a call, Other options may be used to search a no. etc.
    (3) When not used, Bluetooth shall be switched off, from Bluetooth menu.

  • Piotr

    for sync – PC Sync Manager (send SMS,MMS,Edit Phone Book,Midi Komposer,File Menager and more). I use for conect Cect599 with PC Bluetooth

  • Piotr

    The manual to my CECT 599 mobile says that it reads e-books. Unfortunately my CECT 599 doesn’t seem to read any text files. Have anybody here tried opening e-books on that mobile?
    Please reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  • karen

    hi can i know this phone is with 2mp camera or 1.3mp..does it has night mode or flash??just curious..thanks..

  • PVR

    Hi all

    Hello Piotr – I U’stand “PC Sync”- but I feel there has to be a software in the PC you connect, rt? can I get it ? If not, after conn thru’ Bluetooth to PC, how do you edit phonebook & other functions thru PC-Sync?

    Reg e-books, I’ve tried txt,pdf,rtf & some other formats and concluded that it does not support e-book.

    Reg camera – its 1.3MP, flash-NO, Nightmode-Yes

  • Mic

    I got a cect 599 but one menu ( the one on the leftside bottom is still in chines -> can´t read it ) and my manual is in chinese also.
    Since my chinese is a bit *coughs* rusty , i wonder if there´s a english manual.

    many thanks:


  • Piotr

    To connect my CECT i used a usb bluetooth connected to my laptop
    When i was connecting it straight through the usb cabel there were some issues.
    Bluetooth connection gave me more features.
    I used a PC Sync Menager build 7 that i found on the web. It seems to have all the options you want. After connecting my phone my pc found new ports.
    I found that the connection seems better on the new found ports. It had more features.

  • PVR

    Thanx to Piotr who has given link to PC-Sync_mgr. Letme see how it works with my CECT 599. Piotr can please give some insight into how he managed with chinese menu appearing under PC_Sync option on the mobile.

    To Mic -> First, I’ve searched a lot and even got feedback from china that no english manual is available for CECT 599 mobile. Yes, the left bottom icon in the menu is in chinese and it’s meant for PC-Sync function for which Piotr has given a link above. You may try it out. (I’m planning to try it out in a week or so)

    In case anyone needs any help other than above(which I’ve tried out) you are always welcome to post it here.

    BTW, I was wondering how to enter the “UNIT” for cost of call (After setting the price per unit as a decimal figure, I tried 1, 60 etc. thinking it as the pulse in seconds and it always shows zero cost.) Any suggestion ?


  • arcticchimp

    hi im from uk an got one of these phones, dus anyone no how to get the settings for orange to send pics an access the internet

  • Ashton Shaun

    Hi i’ve just ordered a CECT 599
    I live in the UK and was wondering has anyone else in the uk got one and how is the signal etc on ORANGE.

  • Mic

    many thanks PVR ,
    i´ll play around a bit and see if i can get used to the PC-Sync menue.
    Perhaps i´ll order some food at the local chinese and ask him to translate the menue … hehe

    cheers, Mic

  • PVR

    Hi all
    U r welcome Mic… hope your china-restaurent guys help…

    Thanx again to 🙂 Piotr who has given uploaded images of PC_Sync. In fact I had to first buy a bluetooth_USB dongle on my Desktop and then I tried PC Sync application given by link earlier by Piotr. Initially there was some trouble with COM port setting and I had to set same COM port in the bluetooth application as well as in the PC_Sync s/w….and voila… it worked smoothly. (For others, pl remem to switch ON bluetooth and make changes in settings, like authorisation for ‘read only’ or ‘compl control’, etc.)
    One observation – The left bottom icon earlier used to open and show chinese sub-menus… after i used the PC_Sync, it shows ‘pl wait’ and does not allow to move inside the menu….. I think its useless to go after it when the PC_Sync s/w does work well.

    ❓ Again, now I’m trying to get what to enter under “UNIT” for call cost setting, so that it shows last call amount etc.

    ➡ For WAP/Internet conn.
    first MMS, WAP & GPRS shall be enabled by service provider.(if not done by default)
    Then, settings need to be done which maybe available from the service provider’s site or from forums. (As am from India, can’t say nething abt UK-Orange). first, go under data account from the SIM(service provider’s menu) and enter Acc Name(not ur name), APN, username & PW (blank in my case). Then setup a second account under GPRS with details of MMS server (for sending MMS).
    Then goto WAP browser settings and enter profile, gateway, port, etc. given by service provider.
    Then you will b able to connect to net.

    thnx n regds

  • Piotr

    To PVR->”UNIT” for call cost setting:your sim card must be unblocked to let the phone show how much you have to pay for the connection. the phone itself has the option.

  • Piotr

    From user manual -> Note-Your network operator must support the “Call
    Costs” function. You need to enter your PIN2 number
    to set the “Cost Units” and “Max Cost”. Please contact
    your network provider to obtain this number.

  • Bunny

    If you could please….

    I plan to buy a new phone very soon and was wondering how well the d-rise d718i & cect p168 faired in the U.S.? Ive been searching on ebay and vaious other sites to find the best price for these phones. Anyone know some good places to go, Ive traveled to the chinagrabber link and im a little concerned….

    Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • crazyeight

    Hi everybody

    I have a cect 599 phone and when i call any of my friends my number does not show on their phones. Anybody that knows how to change so my phone number shows up on their phones?

  • Olivier

    Hi crazyeigh

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Display Characteristic
    3. Show Owner Number

  • crazyeight

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Thx m8 very nice

  • Ashton Shaun

    Hi all

    I have a CECT 599 and have managed to download and convert youtube video’s very easy to my phone the only problem i have is that when it plays its not full screen it covers about 75% of the screen in Landscape(wide screen) mode. Any body know how to get the full screen. I have tried converting the vids into mp4 and 3gp both play fine but not full screen !

    If anyone has any other questions on the CECT 599 i will do my best to help or if you need help converting Video.
    Much Thanks

  • Piotr

    Cect599 video format:
    MP4 – only 176×144 (not full screen)
    3GP – 176×98 (full screen)-format MPEG-4 Video,AAC,Stereo(LR),44.100kHz

  • crazyeight

    Hi again

    I cant get mms and gprs to work on my cect 599

    Maybe anyone of you can help me

    My tel operator is tele2/comviq

  • Ashton Shaun

    Piotr says:
    November 9th, 2007 at 1:52 pm

    Cect599 video format:
    MP4 – only 176×144 (not full screen)
    3GP – 176×98 (full screen)-format MPEG-4 Video,AAC,Stereo(LR),44.100kHz

    Thanks for the reply.. im still not sure how to get full screen. Both mp4 and 3gp wont play full screen ?
    How do i format them ? Really appreciate your help..

  • LizzyJ

    Any one know the setting for wap browser for vodaphone?


  • James Jackson

    I have a cect 168,dual sim card, but it only works with one of the sim cards here in Honduras.The other sim card works in other phones ,but not on this one.Is there a problem with the phone ?Help me out if you will.Thank You

  • Dan

    Is it anyone that got a english manual?
    Please send it to me.. bosson51@hotmail.com

  • Erin

    hi all, am currently lookin for a new mobile and the cect 599 has caught my eye. im in th UK and currently use a genie O2 sim. does anyone no if this fone will work on this sim as i cant change the no. is the fone worth gettin or is there better ones? thanks

  • spliffy

    yes am on a genie o2 sim and it works fine the phone is abit of a pain sumtimes txtn u cnt do it on the move as u need to stop and type with the pen

  • Alan

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    But if now our MOQ is 3 unit. So if you are will to buy from us kindly Email to

  • wcs

    I want to synchronize my outlook calendar with my cect 599. How to do and/or what (sync) software to use ?
    Also, I did not receive a manual with it.
    If somebody has an english manual, can you please mail that to me ?
    Any help is welcome.

  • em

    hey i basically just want to know if any of you would suggest getting this phone?


  • Ben

    hi all! just got my cect 599 today was so excited but it seems to have a phone lock on it.. anyone got the unlock code?? would be of great help.

  • C-J

    ❓ I’m considering buying a Cect 599 phone but I live in the US. I’m wondering, will it work here, and most of all, will it work with my ATT 3G sim card. ❓

  • Ben

    hey C-J the phone won work in the us sorry check ebay sellers to be a 100% sure….

  • C-J

    😡 That sucks, but just wondering, would you know if the CECT P168 works in US with ATT?


    hello guys , does anyone know if you can access the firmware of the phone to change the theme and other stuff , also I have downloaded the pc sync software but i can not get it to work with the supplied usb cable ( any ideas ) also when i try and send stuff via bluetooth to the phone from my pc , it says it doesent accept data transfer only bluetooth headset besides that its not a bad phone . the thing i like the most is the ability to use animated gifs as contact pictures and wall papers , i had the lgku990 veiwty but i sold it to get this phone and to make some money ,this phone cost me 93 pounds on ebay , my veiewty went for over 300 so ive made a nice bit of money for christmas i dont miss the camera on the viewty , and the mp3 player on this phone is better , love the accelerometer thingy as well : the webcam works really well as well

  • Marion

    Anyone know where I can get a user manual in english for my CECT 599???

  • John

    I have just purchased the C599 it works really well on my Voderphone network in the UK. One thinbg I cant do is change the ring tone Ive imported some tones and would like to use them. It appears that the default ring tone is a write only file and can not be deleted, Does anyone know how to do this ??
    Has anyone managed to push Emails on their phone ??

  • mike

    anyone in the uk oo how to get the internet to work on t-mobile?

  • André

    where i can get Nes games for Cect599, or games Kjava for Cect599? cheers thanks buddys

  • Göran S

    I have CECT 599 phone but NO manual.
    Im very greatfull if someone can e-mail the English
    manual to me.


  • Göran S

    E-mail the CECT 599 English manual here:


  • keith

    🙄 dus any one know how to get the phone internet settings for o2? also any one know if you can get the english manual?
    my email is arcticchimp@hotmail.co.uk

  • André

    where i can download games for cect599 dude?? …wtf ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

  • Richard

    Can anyone help me with an Englich PDF manual for my Cect 599, Thanks, it would be much appreciated.

    email: goo3@optusnet.com.au

  • ashley

    i too need an englidh manual. if anyone can help. thanks.

    email: ashleytwain@hotmail.com

  • John

    There is no English manual for the C599 you can use the P688 manual as there is alot of overlap. I can now down load music from I-Tunes jut got to crack E-mails now.

  • r6578

    CECT 599 owners, join our forums
    cect599.freeforums.org and iclones.freeforums.org

  • spliffy

    hi kin any1 tell me were i can get a new charger 4 my phone mines broke wer the charger conects 2 phone and now a cnt charge it if any 1 can help me please jnj.2005@hotmail.com



  • Ally


    I just recently got a CECT 599 and some of the menu’s are in chinese, i was just wondering how to get them in english.

    Please help, Thank you

  • John

    Go to the language menu and select English, you will still see the odd Chinese text but its not a problem.

  • spliffy

    can any1 help me get a bat charger for ma cect 599 please help as iv no phone 2 use a moment now

  • Ally

    Thanks but what does the chinese menu’s do? Should i worry about them? Is there anyway to change them to English. Also when someone calls, it comes up with Chinese and English.

    Thanks again

  • xxsparksxx

    crazyeight says:
    November 9th, 2007 at 2:16 pm

    Hi again

    I cant get mms and gprs to work on my cect 599

    Maybe anyone of you can help me

    My tel operator is tele2/comviq

    i just recently bought the sect 599 about 2 days ago, i am a vodafone customer. and i could not have mms or wap browser active. i have the answer. call up your privider and ask them to set you up (or you can go into the shops if they have one) they will give you the gate way and proxy settings for you to be set up to recieve these mms’s and use grps. thanks


  • James

    My Cect 599 phone is not accepting my sim card. Can i get it unlocked anywhere? I am on 3 mobile

  • priscilla

    got a cect 599 few days ago, on vodafone, cant get the mms or gprs to work, took to vodafone shop they said i have the config settings correct but still not working…have told me its an apple phone so wont ever be able to get mms to work, any advice

  • bj

    hey james, three is a weird network and only works with specific networks, sorry to say but the 3 network does not work with GSM and only with 3G phones etc…
    the phone should all reaedy be unlocked as their is no standard network,,,,

    im trying to find a way of editing the color scheme on the phone and have been woundering if their is any way of doing this through CMD although their is no phone memory, will this mean that i wont be able to read or edit the internal files???

    i like the phone its just the color scheme does my nut!

    and i also cant find any way of installing java or jad files, and this isnt to do with compatability.. i think its the lack of no phone memory not letting the phone run or acces data.

    its starting to drive me nuts… anyone no of any ansewers?????

  • andy

    dont know if u got ur charger sorted out but they look like the samsung chargers dont no if this is ne help but hope it is cheers

  • grant f

    hi just got a cect 599, anyone know about the following problems??

    1.when someone rings it comes up with chinese still and then the name or number of the caller, is there a way to get rid of the cinese here

    2.when someone calls if they are in my phonebook as e.g 07364xxxxxx there name comes up. BUT when they txt it wont show there name as it comes up as +447364xxxxxxx. now if i save the number as +447364xxxxxxx in the ophone book the txt will then show the contacts name BUT when they ring the call comes through from 07364xxxxxxx and not the name. so i can only get either the txt’s or the calls to show the contacts name, is there any way around this, anyone else having this problem?

    3. what software can i convert e.g avi files ect that will convert them into 3gp that will play FULL screen on this phone??

    Im gratefull for any help, thanks guys 🙂

  • Sez

    PLEEEZZZE Help !!!
    I love this phone but I cannot get onto the internet. I am on T-mobile and have called them for the settings, but they say being a chinese phone there are no settings they can send me !!! Is anyone out there on T-mobile & has the wap settings?? Please help as I don’t want to get rid of this phone, but I need internet access. Thanks in advance.

  • xxsparksxx


    🙄 im a vodafone user.. i rang customer care and they dude created a new proxy server for me. i dont know bout T-mobile, but thats wat i did, i deleted all existing chinese shit. and followed them as they helped me do it right onto my mobile, over the laned phone 🙂 . go into your server provider and check with them


  • Lambester

    I have just got my CECT 599 how do I get English menus, please help urgent!!!!!!! 😡 😥 🙁

  • Olivier

    Press on House
    Then press on the button on the left of camera
    Press on the second line
    Press on the third line
    Press on the left button down of the screen

  • tshirtman

    i have been in touch with a Chinese dealer of the cect 599 and he informs me that at present there is no English manual but will be in the near future due to increased europian sales.
    a couple of things i have discovered that may interest you-
    bring up the numbered keypad[as though you are making a call],then, it is better to do this with your stylus/pen, by pressing on the hash key for a couple of seconds will put your phone into silent mode press again to deactivate, by pressing the star key this will allow you to change sim cards without going into menu.
    i connected my phone to my pc via the usb cable and started to look through some of the pre-installed data, the mapbar on the extra feature,holds maps of the major city’s in china, i don’t know about you but they are useless to me, and when i found out these maps took up 218 MB of memory, thats half of my sd card, i deleted the data within the map folder[not the whole folder] and it has caused no problems, the mapbar feature is still there , i also deleted the karaoke data,the e-book data, and some other stuff like chinese music.
    for those struggling with downloads and not able to use them as ringtones the download may not go into the audio file it quite often goes into the recieved file,if it is not in a file it will be below the file list. once found go to options and click on forward then choose user profiles it will then be with your ringtones, if you want to put the download into a specific file you have to copy or move it.if you move a download to your audio file, but it is not on your music player then go to list then options and click on refresh list.
    i have currently tried about 15 different programs to convert movie files to mp4 or 3gp so they will play full screen in landscape mode , but still haven’t found one yet. if anyone has found out how to do this please tell us.
    it is pretty obvious that no English manual exists for the cect 599, so it is up to us to find out how to work these phones and when you do find something out let the rest of us know , how hard can it be?

  • Lambester

    Oliver thanks
    Can you be a little more precise after house!

  • Olivier

    Press on House
    Press on the seventh button (Settings : between bell and camera)
    Press 2
    Press 3
    To validate press on the left button of the screen

  • bj

    hi has anyone still worked out any way of installing java files or anything similar?

    hope these codes are usefull to anyone.. the language code works 100%

    -i hate this phone a little bit more every day i use it-

    anyone got any ideas on how to edit the theme or do ANYTHING with this phone..

    Service codes “Chinese” models:
    default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678
    Engineer mode: *#110*01#
    Factory mode: *#987#
    Enable COM port: *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200
    Restore factory settings: *#987*99#
    LCD contrast: *#369#
    software version: *#800#
    software version: *#900#
    set default language: *#0000# Send
    set English language: *#0044# Send
    set English language (new firmware): *#001# Send

  • zia

    I purchased CECT599. I live in U.K. and I am on O2 pay as you go. SMS works fine on my mobile but not MMS. Can someone please explain me how to set up MMS.

  • MaxUK

    Hi Everyone.

    I am thinking of getting a CECT599 and wonder if any current owners can tell me: It holds 2 SIMs but are they active at the same time? i.e: will the phone take calls from either number or is only 1 sim active at a time and so you have to go in to a menu to decide which sim you wish to use. I have two business numbers and so if both SIMs are active and able to receive calls from either number that is just what I need. Also can the SIMs be on different networks? At the moment I have to carry two phones around all day 🙁 (on different networks).

    Many thanks from the UK

  • lordmash

    ❓ i need to know if you can recieve calls on both sims without having to switch?

  • priscilla

    i have got my internet connection working, but i am only getting the text on the pages i search, no images, any ideas how i fix this?

  • ifenga

    Hi, lordmash:
    You can choose the Dual Standby phone, then, no need to switch the SIM card.

  • ifenga

    Hi, priscilla:
    Maybe it caused by your internet speed ? Too slow ?

  • spliffy

    hi agot acect599 and the charger broke av tryd a samsung it fits nthat but it charges for 5mins or so then says faulty conection and stops charging. kin any1 help me get a real replacement charger as samsungs r same but ther not realy. pleeeaaazzzzzz help

  • Daithi

    Is this a good phone to buy? How long does the battery last usually? Is it easy to text off of it?

  • tshirtman

    sorry got cut off before i finished my explanation, as i was saying once you have dropped your file into the job list double click file and a new window will open this will display all the info about the file including the frame rate setting you need, look for frame rate 0000fps this is what you set the frame/sec to
    worked well for me,and its not difficult to use

  • frank pizzurro

    looking for someone who knows how to program
    e-mail on the digitalrize d718i phone

  • tshirtman

    for 599 users, thought you might want to know I’ve just got a set of GEAR4 PG118 BluPhones Bluetooth Headphones there a2dp enabled [bluetooth stereo] they work perfectly sound quality 10/10, loudness 9/10 connected to phone first time, only negative is, if you go into another room they start to cut out, not a biggie just take your phone with you. you can also take/reject calls, I’ve been told that I’m a little quiet so i need to talk a little louder, overall very good, and you don’t look like a geek with them on, 9/10, bought off ebay for £14

  • Bigshep

    Hi, I’ve just bought the 599 phone for my wife. Unfortunately I restored it to factory setting and all the writing is now in Chinese. We are both in our 50s and are complete technophobes. There is no English instruction manual. Can anyone please, please help us restore the settings back to English.

  • tshirtman

    bigshep try this, dial *#0044# [star-hash-zero-zero-four-four-hash] & Send hopefully this will put it back into English

  • ZIAS

    I purchased CECT599. I live in U.K. and I am on O2 pay as you go. SMS works fine on my mobile but not MMS. I can not send and receive pictures. When I try to send a picture by using MMS it says “Sending” and a minute later it says “Send Failed” can any one please help.


  • misty

    I purchased the CECT 599 but could not get on with it not having keys. Just got an E86 phone from a seller on EBay ID e-bayseller2008 fantastic phone 3.5″ touch screen as well as standard keys much better that the 599. Also took three days to arrive from the Far East comes with two batteries mains and USB charger etc etc. Much easier to us no Chinese text appearing anywhere and the build quality is really good.

  • Nan

    Hello All,

    I don’t have this phone but hope you can help me out. I recently bought a dual sim phone, called the 3208b.
    here is the problem. I am having problem with incoming call. Some calls do not goes through to my phone but instead the caller gets hang up after one ring. this only happen to a few not all but it is always the same caller. I chedched the phone and they are not blocked or black listed.

    My friend a CECT P168 and he has similiar problem so he called the his provider and have them cancel the Name display on his plan and it is working fine since.
    Is there an alternative option beside for cancelling the name display?

  • tshirtman

    Nan: not 100% sure but try this – go to phonebook and edit the number,thus, take the zero from the number and add your country’s international code, i.e: if the number is, 0123456789, take the zero away and put code in so I’m in the U.K. the number would then be, +44123456789, it’s a possibility but as I’ve said not 100% sure

  • Bj

    2 all that concider buying a cect 599!
    the mobile phone overall is great but in the long run their just not built to last and your end up being dissapointed…
    stay away lol

  • Dennis

    The P168 video and audio quality has to be the worst on any phone i have ever seen.

  • Bj

    Hey ramos…
    yea the D99i duz have a slightly different spec however i like to have simple capabilaties such as installing jad and jar files and with hardly any phone memory this cant be done.. the theme is horrible and annoys me as well.
    the p168 intrests me a little but the video quality has to be as bad as my 599.
    not sure mate at the moment but my 599 was such a dissapointment..

  • ShazR

    Dear all please can you tell how to download from YouTube, I have a converter but I don’t know what to convert it into once I’ve dragged and dropped into the converter. Is it an AVI file and then convert it into what? which configuration? Please help…thanks

  • Kathy

    hey there.
    just wondering.. hearing what everyone has said..
    which is better phone in general ?
    CECT 599 or CECT P168 ?

    thanks. 😉

  • DJ



    although i dont know if he sells just the manual i bought my cect 599 from ebay (electronicar) he is a great seller and he allows paypal,direct deposit,internet transfer and gives you full cost and answers all questions but he usually takes two days to repl as he is chineese
    but i got my manual in english my whole mobile is in english no chineese was ever on the pda its a rad mobile its better then my LG shine blacklabel series phone
    cheers DJ

  • Mohanraj

    i have china make Apple Hand sets when i am going to connect GPRS it is not Connecting what is the way to Connect GPRS , pls do the Need ful

  • Mary


    I have a vodaphone simm and can text perfectly but I can’t seem to send mms or connect to wap.

    Does anyone have settings for the above?

    All help will be greatly appreciated.

    Take care

  • tshirtman

    DJ come on and tell us then what the Chinese menus and sub menus say in English. first the menu with two arrows following each other [if the main menu was a numbered keypad it would be the star key] also sound effects on phone setup, and what is music box, and finally what the hell is paradise of m-dog, look forward to finding out

  • wcs

    Concerning that menu with the arrows:
    the chinese ?????is interactive World
    then ???? is leisure World
    then ???? is spiritual Garden
    then ???? is picture and bell world
    then ???? is utility
    then ??? is fate of housing
    then ???? is updating

    That’s all I managed to figure out.

  • JOHN


  • johnnyrocksmyworld

    I just ordered a 168 and does it work in the united states with regurlar sim cards???? contact me if your know! please!

  • Chantal

    I just purchased a CECT a988. Everything works except for the internet. Does anyone know the settings so I can use the interent? My service provider is Rogers Wireless in Canada.

  • phobal

    the ipod is a ripoff of creative’s mp3 players. and only would a tool of apple (the same kind that would line up outside their store for three days just to get one of these) would be asinine enough to compare apple’s crappy technology as having the same innovation as ‘the porsche’ and a company offering comparable (and a likely superior product–that runs linux) as ‘the rip off’. 🙄

  • mad hatter

    hello i just bought a cect 599 from ebay but cant send or receive MMS and cant organise the internet (WAP) settings.
    I live in AUSTRALIA and im with TELSTRA. i rang them and they cant seem to help me because its not a registered telstra handset. this sux. im considering changing service providers if they can hook me up with the MMS/WAP settings.
    anybody got any ideas here? or know any seetings
    Please email me at rorydude@hotmail.com it would be much appreciated.

  • mad hatter

    I finally got my wap and mms working so if anybody here from AUSTRALIA needs help inputting TELSTRA settings just email me at the above address and i will help you sort it out.
    While im at it has anybody noticed that these cect 599’s seem to freeze up every now and then and the touchscreen stops working? it worries me

  • big boy

    im horny!

    anyone want to suck my 18inch monster?

  • nidhi

    i got this phone last week, overall the phone is ok, but my voice is not going clear and loud. the mic is placed at the bottom, so need to keep the phone lowered so that the mic is closer to the mouth. any way to increase the mic perfermance.

  • Ray

    Hi i have just purchased the CECT 599 and cannot get the music to play. Have downloaded music to the memory and inputted it into the audio file but no joy. Have refreshed it but still the same. Novice with these phones any help much appreciated.

  • Ray

    If you have any info or english manual contact me on susiewray@aol.com. Many thanks Ray

  • Darren

    now in china market “hiphone”(like iphone and cect599) is very hot now ,pls feel freely to contact me at dong821113@yahoo.co.uk

  • Bob

    i would like to say the touch screen does not work very well. but overall the CECT 599 is a very good phone

  • Ispodvipodvertim

    To me the 599 looks much more like LG PRADA which was out months before the iPhone!

  • aming

    hi all,I am in CHINA now,we sale the product:P168/HIPHONE/S688/E68,all these products can use in USA or CANADA.my mail/msn:amingagain77@hotmail.com



  • Dirk

    Hi, for manual check that site:

  • Lakha

    heyy man.. can anyone tell me how we forward a track on the mp3 player (OF CECT 599)? i just cant get it!!

  • abgnixxx

    hi….did anybody know how to install and setup gprs and mms for iphone from the internet? could anyone teach me how to do it? my email abgnixxx@yahoo.com

  • Tenderly

    Guys I have the older model but, I am haveing the same problems. Can anyone help me with this I am in the USA and cant recive or send any pic.

  • Jithu

    I purchase a CECT i599 one month back. When I click on Camera it says “Camera module not set” and it shows just a black screen. Can anyone help me how to solve this problem.


  • Mike

    Can anyone help me with how you can load mp3 files onto the phone from the computer so that you can play them on the player? I have tried to transfer known and woring mp3 files but they dont appear on the phone as choices to play. If I check on the computer when connected they show as there!! Thanks

  • WOLE

    wap/gprs for cect6300y

  • Mayo

    I get the Cect 599 not long ago…But I can’t seem to figure out how to install games to it from my pc…Can anyone help me or link me to a site then can? Cheers guys

  • Mayo

    I got the Cect 599 not long ago…But I can’t seem to figure out how to install games to it from my pc…Can anyone help me or link me to a site then can? Cheers guys

  • Bookie

    This phone is widespread in China. I read it even has an Apple logo on the startup.

  • Michael

    can some one tell me how do I enter this codes on the chinese phone

    Service codes “Chinese” models:
    default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678
    Engineer mode: *#110*01#
    Factory mode: *#987#
    Enable COM port: *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200
    Restore factory settings: *#987*99#
    LCD contrast: *#369#
    software version: *#800#
    software version: *#900#
    set default language: *#0000# Send
    set English language: *#0044# Send
    set English language (new firmware): *#001# Send

    I understood the ones with (send) at the end and thay work, but what about the rest where do I input them, settings or menu. if someone knows please replay to nosferatun01@hotmail.com thanks

  • gman

    you can use these phones on tmobile.I have cect I9 and its just like the iphone. to get the net to work you have to contact tech support of your phones sim card carrier and they will walk you through the set up of mms and gprs. its very simple.I think these iclones are better and you get more bang for your buck!!!

  • Christian Reyes

    What is the game format, if i want to download games in my CECT A100. you said MP4 format, so i can download converted movies from the format of MP4. But it’s not MP4 format it is .3gp….. Why confusing the consumers with it?

  • stacy

    i have had this phone for few weeks and love it!! just wish i could change the message tone!!
    for anyone that gets messages and your contacts name don’t come up this is what you do:
    you have to save the number like normal, then go to edit
    and under office write the number again with +61 in front eg: sam 0403999222 then under office +61403999222..hope that helps..anyone one needs help feel free to email me aussie_stacy@hotmail.com

  • your mom

    “Iphone Rip Off” -yeah right cect is OLDSCHOOL
    So are UMPCs and cell cect phon watches
    ‘Have been around for years.’
    so dont feel to rippied off”

  • Pitt.Bull

    Hi to everybody,
    I have a cect 599, but from when I have formatted the memory card, the pc doesn’t see the cell and it asks me some drivers.
    Do you know what I can do or where can I find the drivers?
    Thanks at all

  • Stephane

    I have a CECT i9 phone and would like to know how to install applications like MSN or any games from my pc or my phone. Is there a place I can download anything for it ? Write to me at jusmatcha@hotmail.com

  • fran

    can anyone tell me wats the phone lock code for theCECT 599

    HELP ME ??

  • sera

    this model looks like iphone v9.
    they are both great.
    and tere are special discount on gizmograbber.com
    that’s good!

  • yanhuo

    wow! that’s perfect.
    i like it.
    how much is it?
    and where do i buy it?
    chinagrabber.com or gizmograbber.com?

  • 22beatty

    i purchased the i9 and the internet is all for china and asia. does anyone know where i can download the american version of the internet?

  • PJ

    i disagree with the headline of this article. the CECT 599 is a different style of phone. CECTs 19 and p168 are great replicas of the iphone but the 599 seems to resemble the samsung behold, or the instinct. overall this a cool phone.

  • eric

    settings for the netherlands , propably usefull for everyone in the world.
    you can use it for retreiving automatic settings, like for example kpn mobile.

    first enter : *#3698741#

    than you get engineering settings.

    go to : misc.
    than to : WAP
    than open : user agent.

    set the phone as for example : nokia 6230

    that’s it.

    now for the dutchies : go to kpn (if you have this account) and let them sent you the wap and sms settings , saying this phone is a nokia 6230.

    worked for me, hopefully also for you.

  • Tim

    I totally disagree, this phone looks nothing like the apple iphone….
    your just an apple crazed, apple fan that says that if any other phone tht could put up competition against the iphone its a clone…

    you lot r really insercure….(“oh a new phone that could be better than the iphone, i have to protect apple iphone..”) Like they need protecting…

    If your gonna think the CECT 599 is a clone then i could say that apple copied prada…

    so shut up about the clones. And Cect is a real phone company not a chinese backstreet cloning company….
    there have only been a few cect phones that look like iphones, and the 599 isn’t one of them…

    if you could actually bother to see how many phones are on the cect website….. you’ll see that there r only 3 or 4 that even slightly resemle the iphone.

  • chat

    thank you

  • pale

    hello how can I change the buttons and the wallpaper please help me…

  • @Boutiquecect

    Notre boutique réunit des produits provenant du monde Asiatique et tant d'autres pays du monde, en un seul lieu accessible et digne de confiance ==> http://boutiquecect.com/telephones-cect.html?limi

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