Who Needs An iPhone – iPhone-like Application Launcher Now Available for Windows Mobile!

Who needs an iphone launcher

lockerWho needs an iPhone indeed. For all you Windows Mobile fans out there that either hate the iPhone or just don’t want to make the switch, the good folks at WhoNeedsAniPhone.com have released their application launcher, in “alpha” guise.

Windows Mobile 5 and 6 users with a touchscreen device will be pleased to hear that the launcher is now available for free. If you’re one a “Smartphone” or “Standard” device, then its SOL-street for you guys.


The app-launcher is basically an interface overlay that mimics the look and feel of the iPhone’s icon-based homescreen. It’s pretty trick and it’s available for free download. Combine this with WhoNeedsAniPhone.com’s “Locker App” (which mimics the iPhone’s “Slide to Unlock” feature) and the “Weather App” (no real description necessary), and you have a Windows Mobile device that has a very iPhone-esque feel to it. These guys are working hard to bring more apps and features to the Windows Mobile WNAI camp, so keep checking the site for updates.

Head on over to the WNAI forums and take a peek at the progress that they’re making.


  • jayhuck

    LOL – People are always following Apple, not leading!!!

    Even if this product looks like an iPhone, my guess is that it can’t do half of what the iPhone can do! But you guys can make believe, right? 🙂

  • JohnF

    it looks like an iPhone, it does alot more because its windows mobile and isnt a peice of shit

  • Nathan Taylor

    “because its windows mobile and isnt a peice of shit”

    Firstly, that should read “Because it’s Windows Mobile, and isn’t a piece of shit.”

    Grammar fuck-ups aside, though, being “Windows Mobile” and being “a piece of shit” are the same thing.

  • Damo

    Windows Mobile is shit, I wish I’d never left Nokia.
    It’s great as a little laptop but awful as a phone

  • Babis

    Hi. I’m from Greece.
    I bought a ‘Iphone Like’ phone and I have an Iphone too so, to compare those 2 :

    iPhone : It has a great Screen (better than my ‘iphone like’ phone), great colors and a system that is unique and specially designed for the iphone. It can do pretty much everything. BUT, it sucks in other issues like embeded Gps(doesn’t have) or file managment or 3rd party applications (great but useless). And here in my country it costs 500euros

    Iphone like : Well, I will not reveal the ‘Brand’ or ‘model’ of this phone but i’m sure that you can find it pretty much everywhere due to some unique characteristics that it has. First of all As i said, the screen is not that good as iphone’s but pretty good, lacks in colors (just 64.000) and a bit smaller (3.2 inches). But that’s it!! It has Windows mobile Pro 6.0 that can take pretty much everything of applications and games (even emulators for Ps1,amiga,atari), full touchscreen, screen rotates (in EVERY program or game) and I mean Autorotate like Iphone. It contains a Stylus (which iphone desperately needs one!), and since I have it , I managed to install some cool Applications (s2p,ifonz,winterface,TouchFlo,Spb menu,eyePhoto,FunContact) and believe it or not, it seems better than my Iphone. I don’t use the iPhone any more, cause this one has it All, wi-fi and embeded GPS (That’s right!!!GPS inside, not external, not Gprs, pure GPS!!!).I installed Mls Destinator and I enjoy this phone so much. I don’t care that is a ‘iphone like’ cause it can be used with so many different ways. For those who know what the above programs are they can understand. And the Best part, it costs just 200euros.

    Now, I’m sure that Apple has done a great job introducing us this Unique Style, but they should have known better that EVERYTHING can be ‘copied’. The same thing happened for the Cars,the Irons,the Coffee makers, the Computers, for Almost EVERYTHING. There is always a ‘leader’ and a ‘follower’ but in this case, Apple just screwed it up. They should have installed an ‘open source like’ operation system and GPS! Some Japan guy did it and well done to him. Why cursing on the Japan guy? For perfecting a phone?and selling it cheaper? Are we serious here?

    The choise is yours but believe me, when they’ll put a 1.6ghz processor in a windows mobile phone, apple will be re-invanting something else again. They will lose the ‘battle’ just like they did in the Pc market. It is all about the ‘User’ and they don’t understand it. They encode the mp3’s , they secure their system so that ONLY apple applications or Itunes can be installed and stuff like this. They HAVEN’T learn anything. Be a Paris Hilton and do nothing about it. Or Buy a Windows mobile device and copy the Iphone look. Same thing, but it gives a message to them…


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