More Palm Gandolf (Treo 800?) pictures leak, prepare for disappointment


Now the following pictures are not of high enough quality for us to judge the appearance of the next Treo iteration, but if they are anything like this … I think I’m going to cry, I am a closet Palm freak after all. Besides being ugly the source of these images says the keyboard is even smaller than that of the 650! Bad news for people with freakishly large hands like me. Specifications include a touch screen which goes against the information I received almost 2 months earlier.

There is a short video clip as well, but it hasn’t been posted.

[More pictures at the source: Palm Info Center]

Update: My source tells me that the pictures at Palm Info Center are not of the 800 series and the information I posted 2 months ago still holds true. What you see above is the 500 series of Palm Treo’s.

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