Interview with Barbara Ballard, author of Designing the Mobile User Experience


Very interesting discussion about the mobile industry and creating applications for it. In my talks with mobile developers, none of them are happy. The industry is a mess right now, but then again that is why it is so damn fun to cover and to read other people’s opinion about it as well. What we say here at IntoMobile is not going to be the same thing the people at All About Symbian say and that is true with any website that talks about mobile, there are too many factors that shape the impression we each have on the industry.

With that in mind, here is the most telling quote from this interview over at Adaptive Path:

KL: I was looking at that chapter first because that’s the challenge for a lot of web companies that are building for mobile. They’re not quite sure about their users and it’s an important part of the business model.

BB: And who your customers are, those aren’t necessarily the same people. It’s like the poor phone manufacturers tried to have a relationship with the user, but in reality, for most of them anyhow, their relationship is with the carrier.

[Via: Putting People First]

[Link to buy the book on Amazon]

Update: Does that book look familiar? I saw it here in Helsinki and posted about it!

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