Part 2 of Nokia’s N81 viral site hints at a socially driven music store

nokia_loudeye_logos-tm.jpgIf you’re just tuning in, Nokia will be announcing the N81 on August 29th at the infamous Ministry of Sound dance club in the UK. OPK will be there himself to launch the phone and a music store attached to it. More information on the viral site is here and pictures of the N81 are here. At the end of the viral ad there is a link to a RSS feed and today part 2 was just published.

Part 1: …just an important theory, but also a crucial part of how this consumption is perceived at present. Everything eventually merges to a point where it more or less becomes inseparable due to the dawn of new technologies. Everything we have known, as one replacement; ultimately being able to do the job of each other. This may spawn patterns that cannot be exchanged, but generally entertainment will merge into whatever a user may request. This fusion…

Part 2: …although this is already happening in many different fields. While broadcasting we have long been trying to come to terms to meet these new demands. To become more productive. This is a new model of entertainment on our own terms and evident throughout. The expansion of technology, allowing us the possibility of engaging what we actually wish to engage; our own preferred content – found intently or by chance. Soon, it is quite feasible that people will simply…

Part 1 is obviously talking about converged devices, the N Series “It’s what computers have become” tagline comes to mind.

Part 2 on the other hand is a little tricky. Sure we can find music intently, it is called search, but what about by chance? We will find out soon enough if Nokia’s acquisition of Loudeye over 2 years ago was a smart move or just a waste of money to create a “me too” music store.

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