Black Nokia N95 8 GB pictures leaked thanks to the FCC


There she is, all in her 8 gigabytes of glory. Rafe from All About Symbian just tipped me off on this over Skype and I can’t say I’m surprised. Rumors about the screen being larger were true and I’m digging the enterprise-device-like cluster

  • Viipottaja

    Are you sure the screen is bigger?

  • NET9

    Oh yeah, it’s bigger. 😯 I want one of those so very very much.

  • froggy

    Anyone seen a spec sheet?

  • pseudofinn

    The screensize is the same. It’s no larger. The buttons at the bottom of the screen are smaller, that’s for sure.

    8GB is cool, until the 16 and 32 GB cards are out, or if you want to carry a couple of 8 GB cards with you. No memory card slot, no lens cover… no thank you. The only thing that sells me is more RAM.

    Why are there four different hardware revisions of the N95 within 6 months of launch?

    Can’t believe the lens cover is gone.

  • Some

    Are you blind? Screen is definitely bigger.

  • Vaibhav Sharma

    I somehow dont like the smaller buttons. Wonder if the VGA screen bit is true though. Although it does seem to be.

  • pseudofinn

    I’m just not convinced it’s larger- despite the anonymous insult slung my way.

    Is it bigger all the way around, or just the height- where those keys are all jammed together? If not- wouldn’t this cause a problem with programs formatted for the existing N95’s display?

  • pseudofinn

    I guess I wasn’t looking hard enough at the images with the incredibly poor contrast. The screen does seem to have a bit larger screen… pretty marginal though. The buttons at the bottom still look like hell to me. Is it going to be a different resolution, or just larger pixels?

  • NET9

    If it’s a larger size screen with the same res as the current version, I’ll just stick to getting the U.S. version or waiting a bit longer to see if Nokia will perfect the U.S. version with even more great features. I’ll also have to see the prices before going for this beast.

  • wiredcorax

    You people might not have noticed, but the slider’s been redesigned, and the top part is now… flush(?) with the bottom part, hence the usual “wings” that N95 photos usually show are not present in this new model, making it look taller and -that’s- why people think the screen’s larger.

    If this one doesn’t have a higher resolution screen, I’m gonna cry!

  • pseudofinn

    Far too many versions of N95’s now. I doubt they would make one with a VGA screen. I hope that’s something at least they’d save for another model.

    Then again, you never know…

  • rowland

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  • james griffen

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