Motorola prepping super secret Nokia N95-fighting ELBA handset?

Motorola preparing top secret ELBA handsets with gps, touchscreen, wifi, 3g, and 5 megapixel cameraRemember that photoshopped picture of an alleged Motorola E7 with those crazy specs? Well, the pic was obviously a fake, but the feature set is what piques our interest. Speculation has Motorola prepping a phone with the same or similar specifications in a new line of super-secret ELBA handsets. The ELBA handsets are a top-secret new lineup of mobile phones from Motorola that should have full touch-sensitive keypads and slim form-factors – a la the Nokia AEON concept phone.

Boy Genius has learned that the troubled mobile phone manufacturer is quietly prepping a Nokia N95-fighter. The new handset will be packing 3G, WiFi, GPS, full-touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera (Schneider-Kreuznach optics, please), and a full VGA display. The rumored ELBA handset is kept under the strictest, Apple-worthy lockdown and doesn’t even leave the testing labs. If it’s more than just hearsay, Motorola should be keeping this thing under wraps – when it launches it’ll be that much more amazing.

And, in a recent conference, Motorola CFO Tom Meredith sated that Motorola is aiming to retake its share of the wireless market with devices that feature WiFi and touchscreen. Hmm, coincidence? Maybe not.

We’re eagerly awaiting the next-generation lineup from Motorola – they were once the shining beacon of innovation in the wireless industry, let’s see if they can do it again.

[Via: Boy Genius Report and InfoWorld]

  • mobile russia

    nice mobile.
    secret and secret 💡

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    i can’t wait to see this thing

  • Varun

    Motorola must do something like this if they wan to get back their lost market share

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