Apple considering bid on upcoming 700Mhz frequency spectrum?

Apple wireless could be AppleWow, all the big-hitters are getting in the game. What game are we talking about? Well, the game that would have Google and Apple battling it out over the rights to a slice of the radio spectrum that we like to call the 700Mhz spectrum. The upcoming FCC auction has sparked interest from all manner of tech-giants – from wireless carriers to search giants.

Now, Business Week is reporting that sources close to the situation have said that Apple is considering tapping into their cash reserves to play ball in the 700Mhz auction this coming January 16, 2008. The minimum reserve price is set at $4.6 billion, but with $14 billion saved up in its cash coffers, Apple won’t be worried about the reserve price. Rather, it’s Google that will be Apple’s primary competitor in the auction – and they’ve already made it clear that they want a piece of the 700Mhz-action.

But, let’s say Apple does win the auction. They’ll find themselves sitting on a prime piece of wireless real estate that could be leveraged to significantly expand the company’s wireless offerings. Forget AT&T and their antiquated network, Apple would be able to sever ties with the leading US wireless carrier and go out on its own in the mobile phone market. Imagine that, an Apple phone on Apple’s own high-speed network – made cheap by allowing users to make calls over VoIP software and obviating the need for Apple to develop their own voice encoding software. Imagine that.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this space for you guys. Keep checking back for more details, as they emerge.

[Via: Business Week]

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