MakeiPhoneRingtone – the easiest way to get home-made iPhone ringtones uploaded to iTunes

MakeiPhoneRingtone makes uploading homemade iPhone Ringtones easy with drag and dropWith Apple having kicked off their ringtone making service through iTunes today, many iPhone owners out there will opt to make their own ringtones for free. Choosing to save a buck or two on every ringtone sounds pretty enticing, but it comes with one caveat – you have to do a little renaming of the .m4a file to .m4r and then re-rename the sucker back to .m4a.

It can get a little tedious, doing that for every single ringtone. So, it’s a good thing you have a couple solutions. iRing is a good solution, but it’s not drag and drop – that’s where MakeiPhoneRingtone comes in. The new iPhone ringtone uploader automates the process of syncing your home-made iPhone ringtone to iTunes – with some drag and drop convenience to boot.

Rogue Amoeba has just released their free MakeiPhoneRingtone application for all to use. It makes getting your self-made iPhone ringtones into iTunes (and subsequently onto your iPhone) so easy, it doesn’t make sense not to use it.

Head on over to Rogue Amoeba and get yoursef a copy of MakeiPhoneRingtone.

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