Palm Gandolf leaked photo; Coming tomorrow!

Palm Gandolf leaked photo

Here’s the Palm Gandolf in its full glory. The Windows Mobile 6 Standard based device (that’s WITHOUT a touchscreen) will be revealed on September 12 and not the Centro. While we still have some doubts the image above is from the legit document, many sources around the Web suggest it’s the Gandolf aka Treo 500 we’ll see unveiled tomorrow. Hopefully, Palm and Vodafone (who will carry Palm’s new device) will also put some HSDPA love in this baby. Baby I said? Actually, it’s not that good lookin’, but I see it as an important step forward for the struggling Treo maker. C’mon Palm keep pushing better devices, we know you can do it!

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Can’t wait until the official spec sheet comes out. I want to see if the numbers I posted were indeed real.My source is usually right on the money.

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