Live pictures of the Nokia 8900 dummy phone, get your barf bag ready

The 8800 was art and could be described as perfect, but then the 8600 came out and redefined what a beautiful mobile phone could be. Here is the 8900, they call it 8900 because that is how many steps backward they took when trying to come up with an appealing design.

[More pictures from Nokia Port who tipped us off on the news]



  • Viipottaja

    I don’t think its that bad, although the stripe accross the front seems a bit overwhelming in the pics.. might look better in real life.

  • Varun

    Think this rumor might be a bit real

  • Dope

    I hope not. It could even look rather good if they came up with something else than that silver stripe on the middle.
    Aye i agree it dosent look bad, but as 8xxx series it looks bad….and it carries 8900… i realy hope its fake 🙁

  • BeerBong

    what an ugly thing .. the buttons are THAT horrible ..

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