Avast ye maties, take pirate pictures of your friends with your iPhone

iPhone pirate picture application from TUAWThere’s nothing like a goofy picture to brighten the hum-drum of daily life. And, in celebration of “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” TUAW has released a natively-installed iPhone application that will make a pirate-worthy snapshot out all of your friends’ smiling mugs.

The Pirate.app can be downloaded as a stand alone or downloaded (and automatically installed) through Installer.app. Download the app, start it up, and start snapping pics of your friends (and beloved pets). The Pirate.app software allows you to freeze a frame (by pressing “Stop”) and adorn the image with pirate gear – pirate hat, pirate mustache, pirate beard, and pirate parrot.  If you’re satisfied with your pirate handy-work, hit the “Snap” button and share your pirate-foolery with your friends.

Avast ye maties, pirate-pictures ho!

[Via: TUAW]

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